Let’s Solve all the Problems of India

India is a land of cultural, ethnic, social and lingual diversities and is the largest democracy in the world. For a country this large in size, both in terms of area and population, India indeed has done a great job in carving itself a niche in the world stage and has become one of the frontrunners in the race of manifesting itself into a superpower soon in the near future.


But, despite of all these successes; India as a nation has to solve many problems as it grows with every passing day. The journey is not going to be easy at all. Today, we speak of some of the most burning issues which are plaguing India and try to figure out a solution to them.


Subject for more than hundred full length movies; bestselling books and of course the most popular election agenda, concerned discussions about corruption has become fashionable over time, especially amongst the educated masses. The actual problem lies in the fact that though this generation has written on corruption in school essays, spoke on it during their college GD sessions and even walked a candle march or two to condemn it, no one actually takes the responsibility.

Solution: Corruption needs to be addressed at the grass root level; and no compromises should be made. Somewhere down the line, individual effort is all that matters. Do your bit and don’t let the corrupt cycle pull you in, no matter what!

EDUCATION (or, the lack of it!)

The plight of the education system in the country is not something that is hidden from us. From the poor quality of basic primary education to lack of opportunities and ever growing costs of higher education, nothing is right about the Indian Education System.

Solution: The education parameters and bars need to be raised; and the educated section of the society needs to intervene and help the less privileged ones out. As an individual, we can offer up to pay for a random nobody’s education or even do something as basic as teach someone to read and write. A little effort can go a long way. On the larger level, more colleges and better schools are the only thing that could clear the mess out.


India as a country faces the threat of ever increasing cases of grave health issues, ranging from chronic diseases like cancer and HIV AIDS to communicable ones like TB or tuberculosis along with others like obesity, mental disorders, maternal mortality and many more. Most of these health challenges are inarguably related to sanitation which again, isn’t very great. With millions of lives on stake each year, this indeed is a huge problem that needs a solution.

Solution: With Narendra Modi Government hell bent on the agenda of a cleaner India through its “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”; hopes are set real high. But proper healthcare facilities that are affordable by general public are equally important to help India cope with its health and sanitation issues.


With an ever increasing number of cases of violence against women in the nation; ranging from brutal rape cases to dowry deaths and even infanticide; the list is never ending and never fails to horrify a sane human. The issue of women safety is deeply rooted in the setup of the society and demands attention.

Solution: It is not an issue that can be solved by punishing the culprits or the accused; but by changing the mind-set of the society as a whole. We need to learn to respect women and that is the only way out of the entire chaos.

Challenges faced by India as a nation are complex and multi-layered; and they require collaboration on many levels. As individuals, we need to understand these issues and work accordingly, and help India shape up as an international superpower.


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