Letter to the parents from the present day youth

Dear Parents,

This is a letter we are writing to you with the sole intention to put forward what is in our mind, but before that we want you to know that we love you.


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There were days when parents used to be a symbol of terror, their one sight of anger used to be the reason of silence on a dinner table, children used to be skeptical to speak out their heart to them and thus kept within them loads of emotions piled up in their tiny brain and heart. No, this was not meant to scare their kids, but just to have an authority over them, so that they don’t oppose them in future. I will never say that this kind of actions are bad, no, they are not. In fact, this helps in maintaining the discipline and decorum of the house. They were right in what they did, but now the time has changed. With changing time, the modern era has much more to offer than they previously did. In the past, India was poor in tech, but nowadays there is a smart-phone flashing in the hands and pockets of every boy and girl.

With these smart-phones in our hand, we are bound to discover many things over internet and one of the things happening most of the time is fall in love via social networking site. Here, there is no one to advice, tell what is right and what is wrong. We, due to fear, hide facts we should have told earlier. Be it a normal incident at school or college or even a sexual abuse, we tend to hide things and the only reason is that we are afraid. When our hearts are broken due to love, we confine ourselves to our own mind’s solitary confinement, we smile before you so that you won’t even get a hint of what is actually happening in our lives and why is that so, because we are not frank. And due to this we fell into depression, try to eat up sleeping pills and slit our veins or fall off the roof. At that point of time we don’t come to you. We avoid you rather than seeking your support and cry with our heads on your shoulders. We fail to get the counseling to walk on the right path but remain a lonely person from then on.
There are incidents when we don’t secure good marks we get scolded. You know what, we are terrorized. We are afraid and try to push our limits to secure the marks you wish us to, why, because we want to save ourselves. And one fine day, even after pushing our limits when we fail to achieve the marks you desire, we don’t come home, but try to commit suicide, because getting our souls free from this body seems a better option than talking out things to you and discover the aspects where we are falling weak in studies.

We, here, don’t want to say you that you are failing in your duties, you are definitely not, but we, at this point of time, want to say that we want to talk to you freely and frankly. We don’t want to think twice before we tell you what in our heart is. We want you to know what is going on in our lives than fear what would your opinion be. We want to have a best friend in you with whom we can share our daily activities. We are not against the authority of the parents, it is indeed necessary to have discipline, but that should not be mistaken by being a symbol of terror. At the end of the day, only you shall be there to support us, so why not start it from the beginning, when things are in hand.

In the past, when looking at the eyes of the father used to be a mark of disrespect, there were times when mothers used to be the angriest woman of the house in order to keep children in control, now the time is different. If the same things continue, no child will share what he has gone through at school, no son shall tell his father what he wants to study than being directed what to study, no teenager will say that he has fallen in love and help themselves from committing mistakes and thus many unknown suicides will be committed due to lack of proper guidance.

This is a letter we are writing to you just to give you a brief insight of what is happening these days. This is a letter we are writing to say that no parent can be as good as you, but at the same time we also want a best friend in you.

Lots of love,
We-the youth.


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