Life of a Rape Victim

It’s a nightmare to even think of something like ‘rape’ happening to you. The heinous the crime is, the more horrible is living with it. Rape not only takes away the strength to face the world but also takes away the strength to feel safe even at home. If the whooping figures of rape victims and the prosecution process are not enough then there comes the society to torture the victim with its mentality.

Rape and such disgraceful crimes doesn’t happen on their own, behind it is encouragement. We sadly are in a country, where a rape victim suffers much more after the crime, rather than the rapist. We are still fighting the ‘who-provoked-whom’ gamble and still rely on sick mentality of the society towards the victim. The game of blaming can be played for life, but is that really what’s needed?

A victim of rape goes through torturing time and might get afraid of almost everything. We see marches and rallies of people coming on street and voicing against the dreadful crime but despondently, the same society, the same people at times have made the life of a rape victim miserable. The victim is a victim, finding his/her fault in the crime and pushing them to feel embarrassed and shameful to the limits where they take their lives away is even committing a crime.

The embarrassment and the shame burdened on a victim by the society and its people is not only tormenting but also, is the cause why many victims have chosen to either hang themselves from the ceiling, jump from the terrace or set themselves on fire. It’s not easy being a rape victim in India!

Someone has been ripped from their souls, someone has been agonised to be part of something they don’t even dare to think about, someone has been paralyzed with stolen-confidence, that someone does not need your taunts but rather need your love, support and confidence to walk freely and confidently again.

Let’s make a society where sick mentality of a rapist is tortured enough so that this crime can be stopped and not make it more of a fussy-world for the victim. The society serves no good if it does not let the victim forget the crime, or pulls the victim away from making him/ her take a step forward in living their lives with full buoyancy.

A happy life is what everyone deserves, the victim too. The most support is expected to come from the family and loved ones. The society should let the rape victim feel easy to breathe without the fear of being followed again, without the worry of their own scarf choking them to death, without their gender being a reason to be a victim. Clothes and talks are not what encourage rape, there is a sick mentality that follows it.

Let’s walk towards making a nation where rape and molestation charges are not what hit the headlines but stringent laws against the criminals. A nation where giving voice to your opinions is not frowned upon, where we don’t have to march or rally for a rapist to get punished, where a victim breathes easy and feels safe inside the walls of his/ her home and, the outside world doesn’t eat him/ her for getting raped!


  1. It is often said that karma backfires and teach you a lesson. Perhaps the saying goes wrong in the case of a rape victim. She is subjected to severe social negligence from the society. Ladies and gentlemen, remember hat she never signed up for this life. It is not her fail at all! It is just that few men (not sure if it is okay to call them a man) entered her body forcefully. Be genuine and support her, she needs it!


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