How to Look Taller? 7 Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some have pretty hair, some have a gorgeous smile, some are tall, some are short and the list can go on and on! Insecure about your eight? Don’t be! I have a few fashion tips for the SHAWTIES which is gonna make you look stunning and even make you look taller!

High Heels

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Pehli baat toh ye, jo tu TIK-TOK-TIK-TOK chalti hai.Maana ye saari teri, HIGH HEELS ki gati hai!

Ofcourse! The heels! These are a MUST HAVEs in your wardrobe. The heels are the ultimate height-boosters! For the girls who enjoy wearing heels and are comfortable with em, ain’t no prolem for ya’ll. But for the ones who do not enjoy wearing heels most of the time, a pair of wedges is a must for you. They’re light, comfortable and GORGEOUS! And yea! You can’t really trip in these. Know what I’m saying? Avoid the ones having the ankle-strap. It’ll make your legs look thicker. If you want to give your legs a thinner look, don’t go in for the ankle straps.

A flash back to the BELL BOTTOMS (Hanji hanji! Elvis Presley vale)


The Bell-Bottoms, also known as the Boot-Cut Jeans are the kind of lowers which are fitting at the waist as well as the thighs and have a flair at the bottom. Yes! They’re back in fashion! Anyoo! They go down below your ankle and once you wear your heels with em, it’s gonna give you a LLL! (Loong-Leg-Effect!)



Yes ladies! A good pair of lowers with a tucked in shirt and a belt is evergreen! This never gets old! This also helps in disappearing your ‘Love-Handles’ as well as the tummy fat which maks you look leaner and does help in refining your curves!

The ‘JAIL vali’ Dress.


If you’re short, you must own a dress with vertical stripes! This will give an elongated look to the body and will also help in hiding your extra-body fat. Avoid wearing dresses with horizontal stripes, (Esp. the women who have broader shoulders) as it’ll make you look shorter and broader.

Say “YES!” to the tiny prints!


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Never wear a dress/top with GIAGANTIC prints. It’ll make you toooooo vuloptuous! Rather than going in for the larger prints, wear a dress/top with cute polka dots or the tiny prints. It would give you a very trimmed up effect from the sides and will add on to the length!

The COOL-CHIC Effect


Wear all the High-Waister styles you can get! Avoid high ankle pants and also crop tops. This will provide length to your legs and will also make you look slim!

And last but not the least, the CONFIDENCE!


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No matter how tall or how short you are, it’s all about the confidence! You’ll look as stunning as YOU feel you are. So ladies! Feel good about yourselves! You are loved for what you are! Love your imperfect perfections, carry that attitude and you’re good to go!

Note : Article Published without any changes and Editing.


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