How to Lose Lower Body Fat

If you are keenly working out, you would definitely want to lose all the excess fat on your body. Sadly, losing fat from the region below the stomach, on the part which makes the lower abs, is among the toughest things to do. It isn’t easy, and it takes a combination of a good diet and proper exercise to get the desired results so that you can get the kind of body you were looking for, and look good.

How to loose Abdominal Fat

Here are few ways in which you can lose lower abdominal fat:

Diet first !

The most important thing you need to realize about losing weight is that it is 70% diet and only 30% working out.

Surprised, aren’t you? So were we when we first found out.

Now, to lose the notorious lower abdominal fat, make sure you start taking in food rich in protein and cut down on trans-saturated and saturated fat. Make sure that you only consume healthy, natural fats to meet your bodies requirement of fats.

If you require 1800 calories of food to function daily, to perform your daily activities, then make sure you take a proper mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The healthy kind, of course. Eating healthy and following a decent diet is half the battle one. Eggs, especially the egg whites are a good source of protein.

Meat such as baked or Boiled chicken is a good source of proteins, especially the breast portion. Baked beans are a good vegetarian source of protein. Cut down on sugar, it does not add any nutritional value, instead the liquefied sugar only leads to more fat storage. Use honey or artificial sweeteners such as sugar-free as sugar substitutes.

Aerobic Exercises

Do aerobic exercises such as jumping jack, running, high knee tuck, shuffle foot lunges, crunches, half crunches and the like to develop your abdominal muscles. It is slow going, but with time, the muscles over your stomach will start getting a defined shape, and you will start losing fat and developing well-worked abs on your abdomen. Leg raise, flying crunches and high knee jump are further exercises which can help with this.


Running is a great way to lose the excess fat from your body. The major drawback of running is that it also leads to breaking down of hard-earned muscles. However, it builds your stamina and endurance, and its benefits far outweigh the problems of losing some muscle – which can always be regained or kept at a constant level by having food rich in protein, or protein supplements. Which brings us to…

Protein Supplements

It is rare for a person to get all their protein requirements from their daily diet. Unless you are getting enough of them, your progress will be slow. After all, proteins are the building blocks of the human body. So, you can consider getting healthy protein supplements such as Dymatize Protein supplements. Some other good brands are 1Up Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition’s Whey, and the like.

They are healthy and have no side effects, but don’t take them to excess, or you will just lose the extra not absorbed by the body.

Practice all of these methods in conjunction, and see the results!


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