Mahindra TUV 300 Review – Stylish SUV In India

Mahindra has been one shinning name when it comes to SUV in India. The company is known as the “King of SUVs” for no reason. Mahindra has been the best seller when it comes to SUVs in India. The Bolero has been the best seller since quite a long time and we can’t stress on the fact that the Scorpios and the XUVs are all around the corners of the country. Mahindra is also known internationally for their SUVs with their base camps set up in developing countries of Africa and South America.

Mahindra TUV 300

With the time, Indian market has also climbed up the ladder and the demand now seems has grown immensely for compact cars. Mahindra did take note of things seriously and launched the Quanto, which did not do very well in the market by Mahindra’s standard. Their second compact product came in form of TUV 300 or Tough Utility Vehicle.


The TUV 300 really does look tough. The boxy design of the car makes it look very familiar with the Bolero, so much so, that initially the idea was floated that TUV 300 will replace the Bolero itself. The TUV 300 carries strong resemblance to family design with vertical grille up front. The TUV has big rectangular fog lamps placed on the front bumpers. TUV does not looks intimidating but sure it does look aggressive.


From the rear, the spare wheel mounted door makes up for the plain design. The blackened out D-Pillar add the floating roof effect. From the side, the TUV looks bit undertyred because of the small alloys. The proportion is also not ideal but the looks do grow on you and once you start looking at the vehicle, it sure will have an effect on you. The roof rails add to the tall looks.

Overall, the looks of TUV serve the purpose of looking tough yet given the compact size, makes people comfortable on heavily crowded city roads.



TUV 300 offers oodles of space inside. Even though Mahindra sells it as a seven-seater, the last row seats are jump seats and would not make anyone comfortable. TUV is best used as five seater car. The seats are very comfortable and offers a lot of support to you back. Even long hours of drive feel very comfortable. It also comes with all the connectivity needs that you may require like Bluetooth, -Aux-in and USB. The infotainment system is not touch-sensitive but does the job quite well. Quality of plastic is also at par with higher valued Scorpio.


TUV 300 comes powered by only one kind of engine. The diesel mHawk80 engine produces a maximum of 82.5 bhp and 230 Nm of maximum torque. As per ARAI, the manual version returns 18.49 km/l.

TUV comes with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. The automatic transmission is an AMT unit developed in house by Mahindra. There is a lot of grunt and power at the lower end and it truly behaves likes an SUV.

Should you buy one?

Even though Mahindra has been known as the best seller in the SUV segment, the quality of their products are really not up to the mark. That being said, the TUV 300 is a very decent car and has all the bells and whistles a person would require from this segment. People will want to buy this car on the base of looks and the ruggedness it provides. With the starting price of Rs. 6.90 lakh, ex-showroom, the TUV 300 does make for a great choice for someone who wants to explore this segment.


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