Make a Career Out of Travelling!

Ever thought how life might turn out to be if you could do whatever you love the most for the rest of your life? It means having a job, you don’t need a vacation from, when work doesn’t feel like work, and when you feel you are where you belong and doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. We believe, with the changing times, more and more of the youth is getting pulled towards travelling. People love travelling, exploring, establishing new records for themselves, checking places off their lists. The only problem here is that people are clueless how to make their passion, their profession.

There are various careers which have travel as a part of them, but today we will talk about careers which are based solely on traveling.

Travel writer – If you have the creative bug in you and are good with words, then this might work wonders for you, travel and write about it. It will be like a lifelong holiday. By traveling you get to visit a lot of places and even better if you work for somebody else, that means you will have an all expenses paid trip and all you have to do is write reviews, write about your experiences and about the place as a whole. Not a bad deal at all.

Travel shows – People who love the media and love travelling, this is your chance at collaborating your work with your love. You need not be the anchor, you can be a producer, a cameraman, or even an assistant director for that matter. While making travel shows, the whole team gets to travel, but you need to be sure that you are focusing on the correct media houses. Working with channels like National Geographic, Discovery, NDTV Good Times or Fox, will help you because these channels work on higher budgets and often send the team on junkets.

Flight Attendant – One of the most obvious and easily obtainable jobs for people who love to travel. The best part about becoming a flight attendant is that you don’t require any particular skill, except being good with people. You can talk your way into it and enjoy for the rest of your tenure.

Geologist – This may require some time and money, but once you’re there, your life is extremely interesting, and travelling will be an integral part of your life. Geologists often travel from place to place in search of fossils and we are already going big on looking for a replacement for fuel, so this opportunity is not going anywhere for at least another couple of hundred years.

Tour guide – You can either work with tour companies or freelance and attract clients over the net. This can actually be fun because you can choose the country or the city you want to be in, and it would be fun to do trekking and biking with the tourists. This can give you a lot of exposure and you can eventually become a travel writer to as you may have a lot of experiences to share.

Sailor – Another option of having a good life while you travel around the world is to become a sailor, this asks for a lot of courage as you will end up spending around 6 months every year on the sea, which might make you sick. Being a sailor guarantees a life of discipline, bravery and exposure. You could either join the Navy, the Merchant Navy or work as crew on a cruise.

Like everything else, thankfully, even in traveling you get a lot of options and you need to decide wisely before you choose any of them. One should realize that traveling is such a new thing for our country that immediate success will not be there, you have to be patient and follow your heart to have a successful life.


  1. Travelling drags you alone out of your home and makes you a story teller when you return! This is one of the best quotes I have ever read in lieu to travel. But what if it pays you too? Like, you can manage your finances and travel at the same time as well? Yes. A pilot, travel writer, geologist, sailor, tour guide and what not? Just pick up any profile and get a chance to go on a trip as you travel.


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