Male or Female Boss ? Does Gender Matter?

“My boss is a man and I do not think we will be able to work together in harmony;” “My boss is a woman:  I wonder how will I take orders from a woman now; “My boss is a transgender, now this is just not happening.” To what extent does their gender matter? Does it matter really? Read a little more to find out.

Female Vs Male Boss

Innocence says: It is common to harp on the gender of your boss. Sometimes, it is done overtly and sometimes it gnaws at you quietly without you even realizing. You form assumptions and act on them unaware. You become the innocent victims of your own assumptions. You may have developed a certain relationship with your boss based on them. Rhea had a deeply-rooted dislike for men and so when her new boss came, who was a man, she was worried. She became sure that her workplace would never be the same. Do you think this was the right thing for her?

Sociologists say: According to sociologists, sex and gender cannot be used interchangeably. The sex of a person depends on biology while the gender of a person depends on the norms of a particular culture regarding masculinity and feminity. The expectations from a particular gender in a given society keep changing. However, the role of your boss as a leader remains unaltered. Unexpectedly, neither the sex nor the gender of the boss should matter ideally as the shoes that a boss wears remain the same no matter what.

Different institutions say ( Still speaking,): The boss is necessary to judge, discipline, educate, train and eventually lead the people. The boss has always been a part of the society.  Patriarchy is a situation in which the male is the leader of the society; monarchy in which a king or queen leads the society. It does not really make a difference whether Prince Charles or Princess Diana rules Wales. The laws of governance shall remain the way they are.

Insecurity says: It is believed that if the boss is a female, she will prefer males to females. She will also refuse admission to some of the females into her organization because of a deep-seated insecurity. However, this can only be applied in case of insecure people. A person of a sound mind would not resort to such measures.

Spirituality says (Yes, everyone says.): According to some spiritual leaders, a person is more than his or her gender; more than his or her physical form. Every person is born with a soul. This soul lies beyond the societal constructs. Gender construct is one of the constructs that the society is entrenched with. The body is a tool through which the soul acts. It is the house in which the soul lives. Whether this body has a particular gender does not make a difference there. At the end of the day, you are able to do whatever you want to.

“My boss wears a pink tie;” ” My boss wears a blue nail enamel.” Is it not the time you spare your bosses from such judgements?


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