Why Choose India for medical tourism?

India has seen growth in various sectors over the last decade, but the one that tops it all is the Medical Tourism sector. Over the last few years, India has become a well known destination for medical treatments because of the benefits that it offers to the people worldwide. The benefits include world-class medical facilities and experts, financial savings, international quality standards and the choices of treatment that are available to the patient. Being one of the fastest growing economies, India has proved that it is no less than any other well developed country in the world when it comes to medical science and that is exactly why it is growing more popular by the day amongst people who look forward to a successful medical treatment.

Medical Health Tourism in India

World-class Medical Technologies

Hospitals like Tata, Fortis, Apollo and many others have invested in providing the world’s best technology to their patients. This is why, when a person abroad thinks of moving to another country for medical treatment, India becomes their preferred location. It is also because of the cutting edge technology that guarantees success in the various procedures that are carried out like knee-replacement, heart surgeries, cancer treatment, skin treatment and several others.

Apart from the technology, India also stuns the world with the quality of medical expertise it has to cater to all sorts of medical problems experienced world-wide. The country has the largest pool of doctors in South-Asia, some of which have proved to be global leaders too.

Financial Savings

Now that it is established that the quality of treatment one receives in India is world class, the second most important issue of contention which is the cost of the treatment is also taken care of. India provides these best medical facilities at the lowest cost. So when one is choosing which country to go to, they can be sure that India will not make a hole in their pocket. Major treatments like cancer and heart transplant are done at one-tenth of the rates of the other countries like the US. Also, this unique combination of quality and cost-effective services is exclusive to India.

International Quality Standards

The private players of this market have shown how India can be the best host to its patients. Their investments and services have outshone every other country when it comes to hospitality and treatment. There is no language barrier, the after treatment services offered to the patients are incredible and there is absolutely no delay made during the time of the treatment. Looking at this, the government is also trying to step up its game by investing more in the infrastructure so that it can cater to the growing demand of medical needs in India.

Choices of treatment

India’s culture has proved to be a boon one more time. Even when it comes to medical treatment, some people travel across the globe to get treated through Ayurvedic therapies and other conventional methods. Thankfully, even with the growth in technology, India never neglected this side of medical science which is why it is capable of providing world-class Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani and Homeopathic treatment to its patients with the help of well-trained doctors.

Thus, whenever people from across the globe visit India for medical treatments, they never have to face disappointment and are allowed to stay back for a minimum of 30 days while they recover. During these 30 days a lot of patients prefer to move to different locations of the country to recover in peace and enjoy the beauty of the country and see other facets of its hospitality. All in all, India has proved to be one of the best destinations for medical treatments and recovery as it is the only place where technology and values come together to give the patient the best experience ever.


  1. India is renowned for the cheap medical service matching the global level. The ease of getting the visa and eminent hospitality of the adds on to the medical tourism experience. The finances that are saved in India can be used for different other purposes. So, basically, India is allowing you to save, offer medical services at a cheaper price and have no considerable returns request. A win-win situation? Cheers!


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