Military Life: 5 Lessons it can teach the Youth

Military life is awe-inspiring. The problem is, it doesn’t come easy. It comes with its myriad herculean challenges which no ordinary soul can overcome. It takes a real hero, a soldier to rise up to the tests and tribulations of this topsy-turvy way of life. With this, it offers countless lessons in life for those who are willing to observe and learn. It is said that if you join the armed forces even for five years, you are transformed for life. Here are the top 5 lessons military life can teach the youth:
1. Discipline : Teachers and parents are often found complaining that the one thing this generation lacks more than anything else, is the big ’D’ – Discipline. Be it waking up on time, having proper diet and exercise or simply, going back to bed on time and eating right- military life instils the soldiers with the best of the best. Youth certainly has a lot to learn from this. In a country battling with obesity, lack of discipline is the trigger and military life offers the right solution.

2. Grooming : Admit it. Men look best in short Army hairstyles and no one actually admires men with girly long locks. Armed forces also organize official parties from time to time where the presence is compulsory and a strict dress code is maintained. Those who do not fall in line with the dress code are simply asked to leave. Not just the defence personnel but their dependants too are always expected to dress well while living in the cantonment premises. Hence, military life teaches one how to look picture perfect in the shortest amount of time possible.

3. Courage : What does it take to die in the battlefield? What grit and moral character do they develop who don’t think twice before sacrificing their lives at the altar of their motherland? It is the tough Army training which develops this in the soldiers. This moral fabric is developed only once the cadets are turned into tough soldiers like gold purified by fire. Indeed this is one characteristic which when developed, any individual can win the battle of life.

4. Manners and Courtesy : Defence personnel are renowned for their gentlemanly mannerisms and oriental way of life. These manners and courtesies are taught to the soldiers during the training. From table manners to grooming etiquettes, Indian Armed Forces teach them all to their cadets. Respect for women is also taught by having ball dances and creating an open and friendly environment. Developing such manners would definitely help our youth with constantly degrading morals.

5. Grit and Passion : If you have observed any retired Army personnel in television news channels debates, you would have noticed the distinct passionate manner in which they speak: fearless, proud and honest, filled with love for their motherland. It is this grit and integrity in their thoughts, actions and words which define the Indian soldier. The feeling of patriotism so deeply embedded can only result in a true hero.

“Kuch baat hai ki hasti mit-ti nahin hamari,
Sadiyon raha hai dushman daur-e-jahan hamara”

It is indeed the dedication of our soldiers that makes India a safe country to live in. If these brave sons and daughters of the country weren’t out there at the forefront, protecting the nation from enemies then me and you wouldn’t be here to even discuss this topic.

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