How to Motivate an Underachieving Employee?

These days your employee’s face stays shrivelled. Due to some reason, his work is getting neglected. However, it does not end there. He is also strained because his underachievement is piling up on the at the back of the donkey ( not literally) even more.

Watching this day in and day out has started to make you feel like a thirsty  person on the day of unusually high temperatures. You want to quench your thirst now. Read on to find out how:-

  1. Talk! Talk! Talk!- Understand that your employee is a person beyond his capacity as an employee. Talk to him but not to blame him for his past performance. Keep a casual discussion with him (even better!) about how his life is and the lot. The already stressed employee will only become worse if he is scolded like a child. You should be able to know the reason at the end of the day. Let him speak up!
  2. Resolve! Resolve! Resolve!- If you know the reason, then, this becomes your way. The reasons could vary from being personal problems, family problems to a tug-of-war with a colleague. Here, it is important for you to leave your prejudices aside. You might have a like or dislike for the person or the person causing the sadness to the person; you will have to learn to ‘Let it go!’ It is the only way you will be able to come up with a better solution! A better solution would also include helping to change the attitude of the employee towards her work.
  3. Break! Break! Break!- If your employee has health issues or has been disoriented due to some bothersome issue, give her a break’! A break will let her re-orient herself. It will also help her to think about her priorities; she might just be able to solve the problem.
  4. Support! Support! Support!- Your support during the uncertain times can mean a lot to your employee in the long run. Sometimes, this support can mean the world to the drowning person. It is said: “shower kindness like confetti.” Mere emotional support can be helpful!
  5. Incentivize! Incentivize! Incentivize!- Give a small incentive to the employee: a slight rise in the bonus, some presents or some complementary service. It could motivate the person to take her job more seriously. This can only happen if she likes and enjoys her work more. You could even take the employees for an off-site or some little trip. Not only will this freshen them up but also give you a chance to understand them better.
  6. Relieve! Relieve! Relieve!- It is time to let go if all your measures do not bear fruit. Perhaps, the person is dissatisfied with her job altogether. In the long run, it will not be beneficial to keep the employee in your firm. After all, you employed her because of her interest in the job. If that interest has faded away, you cannot really do much.


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