Music and its benefits during pregnancy

Music is always being considered to have miraculous effects on the minds of the human beings, and it has not only been used as a medium of entertainment but also being scientifically proven as an approach to transform and influence the psychological development of the human beings. Music has also an amazing potential to reduce anxiety and stress in the human mind, it is being scientifically proven that if a pregnant lady listens to soothing music (preferably the classical or calming tunes, lullaby, soft instrumental) during her prenatal time, it does benefit her child even in the uterus, in many ways. It is a fact that the foetus inside the womb of the mother feels and listens to everything that the mother comes in contact with; it is being found that the baby in uterus can feel, listen, see and learn in the primitive stage of prenatal time. And music makes this process of feeling, listening and learning quite substantial for the unborn baby.

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Many researches have already being done to see the impact of music on the response of the foetus inside the womb and to pursue this experiment few of the pregnant women were asked to listen to different kinds of music, the results were amazing and surprising that depicted that the foetus inside the wombs were enjoying the music and some of them even showed instant movements which doctors described as baby’s dancing moves on the music they were listening to. Listening to good music is certainly beneficial during the prenatal time  as it helps the mother to lessen the anxiety level during that very time and also encourages her to get prepare well for the D-day. Following are few other significant benefits of music for the mother as well as the foetus:

  1. Reduces the stress and nervousness of the mother:  during the prenatal period so many drastic hormonal changes are taking place in the body of a female thus it is quite obvious the she might face certain emotional disorders, mood swings, stress and anxiety. Good and soothing music helps her to reduce that very stress and anxiety very quickly and fills her with enthusiasm, positivity and relaxation. This also helps her in developing better sleep habits during the sleepless night of prenatal time.
  2. Helps in creating an emotional bond between the mother and the baby during the prenatal: prenatal time is indeed a wonderful time for a lady since she is not only carrying a human body inside her womb but she is also carrying a bundle of joy, feelings and emotions. It is a fact that the baby inside the womb is very well aware of the each of the feeling and emotion; the mother feels and goes through. Thus when the mother listens to a good music her feelings are aroused, the imaginative part of her brain gets activated and she begins to create good feelings and aspirations for her baby and this whole in a way creates a strong bonding between the mother and her unborn baby.
  3. Stimulates and activates the growth of baby’s brain: music has a tendency to stimulate the neural system of the human beings thus when the mother listens to music during the prenatal, it actually stimulates the senses of the unborn baby and activates the growth of baby’s brain.  It has been scientifically proven that mothers who listen to music during pregnancy their babies are more efficient in learning the things and concepts with the help of rhythms’ and music and claim to have higher intelligence and intellectual power.
  4. Build up a foundation for learning for the baby: music helps the unborn child to develop the intellectual cognitive and communicative skills even in utero. It is being proven that those babies who were made to listen to soothing music; lullaby and calming tune every day during the prenatal; were found to be extremely efficient in learning the most complicated concepts like mathematics, and applied sciences.

Thus, mothers should be encouraged to listen to good music during the prenatal time but it is also important to know that she listens to only good, calming and soothing music and not the agitating kind of music because such music might disturb the internal harmony of the mother as well as of the baby. Music helps to create a harmonious bonding between the mother and the baby, prenatal stimulation through music helps the mother to discover that her child is born with immense intellectual power and possibilities.


  1. Music is considered to be the food of the soul and when you are developing a second soul in your uterus, it is further essential to feed your soul right. Very well depicted how it is useful in reducing the stress and establish a link between the mother and the child pre-natal. It will be better if one turns to sensible music then the hip-hop. This will help the child’s mental development.


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