Must have features in a car

While there is no definitive standard of the essential equipment in the Indian cars defined by the government, there are few features that are highly recommended for a comfortable drive. The Govt. of India has implemented a new law that will make dual airbags, ABS and seat belt mandatory in all cars from October 2018. Here are few features apart from these that are must have in your next car.


One touch down mirrors

One touch down mirrors are a crucial feature in the cars. This feature eases driving, especially on the Indian highways, which are crowded by toll booths. A simple touch of a button takes the window down while you concentrate on the road ahead. This feature is a must-have for at least driver side window.

Adjustable seat height

Now the human height varies vastly, but many manufacturers fix a standard position of the seat in the car. The fixed seat makes it tough for everyone to adjust a comfortable driving position. The taller people will struggle with high seating position while shorter people may find it difficult to reach the pedals. A seat height adjustment option for the driver is a must have for comfortable driving.

Tilt-Shift Steering Wheel

Most manufacturers provide a fix steering wheel position on the lower variants of the car. It is very important to set-up the steering height according to the height of the driver. Not doing so can cause unwanted pain in the back and the shoulder. Also, wrong steering position may restrict a lot of movements by the driver. A tilt and telescopically adjustable steering wheel help the driver to set-up the driving position comfortably for the never ending drives.

Fog lamps

The small looking fog lamps are one of the best features to have in a car. Fog lamps are positioned very close to the ground. During foggy situation or low visibility times, the light from the fog lamp does not reflect and hit the eyes of the driver. Having fog lamps instead of the main headlamps during low visibility condition can be very helpful.

Day/Night internal rear view mirror

The internal review mirror is directly angled towards you. If someone uses high beam during night, it can be blinding. Having a day/night mirror can be useful during such situations. A day/night mirror cuts off the glare drastically while showing you the correct position of the vehicles behind you. A day/night mirror can be deemed as a safety feature more than anything else and gives a stress-free driving experience to the driver.

Adjustable ORVMs from the cabin

Setting up the outside rear view mirrors in the correct position is of utter importance. The mirrors show you the exact position of the vehicles behind and on the side of your car. If you have to move from your position to set-up the mirrors, chances are they will take a long time to be at the perfect position. Also, you may not ever position the way you want. If the car has a feature of setting up the mirrors from the driver side, that can do wonders. The driver does not have to move and can set-up perfect viewing just by using a few buttons.


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