My love proposal is denied! So, is suicide a solution?

Love proposalNowadays, though it doesn’t seem right to say, the present day youth giving up their life to prove their love seems a pretty common affair. For them, unfortunately, death seems to make their love immortal in the mind of the one they desire, in their own particular dictionary. Love is a divine word, a sense of purity dwells in that very emotion. Then how can a sin of suicide make it immortal? It can only malign that emotion, give pain to their respective parents, friends and relatives and do nothing significant.

Dwelling in the very feeling of love, holding hands and strolling among the community parks, having food together, uploading the couple photographs on social networking sites and talking on phone late night until one of them falls asleep is the everyday affair of today’s youth. Rather, the ones not indulged in these are considered a rare specimen. Apart for them, there are people who very well want to indulge in these kinds of affairs; they even have the one they admire. But unfortunately, their proposal is being denied. And for them now everything is lost. But then, is this the end of the world?

The youth of India are nowadays committing suicide over the denial of love from the other end. We can’t make anyone fall in love. And neither one must persist the other to fall in love with them. This is a situation where the person tends to be depressed. It is completely natural. The feelings are hurt, sentiments crushed and heart is broken. In that situation, people isolate themselves. They like to live in their own mind’s solitary confinement. Interaction is the least they care about. All they think about is the memories of the one they loved. And that is the time when the devious and sinful thoughts of suicide occur to them minds of the person. He/she tends to think that their death might make a difference or would make them regret their decision. If not their presence, their absence might make them realize that their love was true for that particular person. But if a person’s presence is not valued then how can one expect their absence be valued by that same person else than their parents?

This is the fact they fail to realize.

Committing suicide is not a joke. It takes a lot of courage to take one’s own life. The reason to us may seem petty, but it’s not petty for them. That reason has the strength to make them wipe their very existence. They forget their loved ones, their parents most of all, who have loved them forever, since their very first step into this beautiful world. At that point of time they fail to realize that they are the most prized possession of their parents.

What is the solution?

This is a situation which can neither be controlled nor be avoided. It is the state of mind one has to go through no matter how careful they are. In a situation like this a secret sharer always helps. That secret sharer must know what your state of mind is. When you are not in a condition to take a decision, you can trust him/her to counsel you the right path, or be the one who shares the burden of your pain, and eventually help you overcome the grief and leave behind the past. Confining oneself to solitude will never do any good. And there can be no good secret sharer than the parents themselves, though the parents here too need to think from their child’s point of view.

Suicide has never been a solution to anything. It’s just an escape route one takes to try to leave behind their significance which, ultimately, is lost in the sands of time. The only ones to remember are the parents of the deceased ones. They are the only ones who get effected for the lifetime, rest of them just move on. So if a love proposal is denied, no matter how hard it is, move on.


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