Myths About Studying Overseas

So you’ve cracked your GRE, are done with your TOEFL, have finally finished the evil GMAT, have completed your IELTS. You’ve even applied to your university of choice and after many emails and faux-prayers, you have gotten admission in your dream course and college, and are all set to move to abroad to your favoured destination. Now all you have to do is buy the ticket, take the ride, and party all the way to your post-graduate degree! Right? Right? Wrong!

How does studying abroad make you smarter?

A lot of students go abroad with lots of hype and dreams, but ground reality is often different from the imagined world we create in our heads. Here we bust a few of the myths about studying overseas:

It’s a Party

Most people think that studying abroad is all about partying every night, clubbing at every free moment, pub-hopping, having flings, going on life-changing road-trips and generally having a great time. Sadly, this is a myth which has been perpetrated by many Hollywood movies.

Sure, everyone parties once in a while, the weekends are supposed to be a time to unwind and have fun, but equally, they can be about studying continuously, taking care of pending assignments and projects, working extra hours at your part-time job to make some extra money and pay your rent. Road-trips? Long vacations? Only during the holidays when school isn’t in session, old chap. And even then you’ll be worried about all the spending once you convert it from dollars to rupees.

The Studies Are Easier

The studies aren’t easier overseas, rather, there is a good mix of theory and practical, real-world learning, which leads to a holistic education. It may seem easier in theory, but you will be learning and inculcating all that knowledge in many new ways, straight from industry leaders and experts in your field, and you’d better make sure to record or note it down, because unlike in India, your professors may not be keen on giving you notes. Lots of self-study for you, dear student.

 You Can Bluff Your Way Through Projects & Assignments

Everyone amongst us has bluffed their way through assignments and presentations at one time or the other. ‘Jugaad’ has often been the byword in our colleges to get through projects and exams. Sadly, this isn’t going to be of that much help once you are studying in an international environment with teachers who are more than happy to call your bluff or test you in depth.

Life is Easier

Life is easier abroad is the biggest myth of them all. You will be on your own without the emotional support from your family to deal with life’s troubles, you will be cooking, cleaning on your own and taking care of yourself in every way. Life isn’t easier, you just get better at dealing with it.

Success is a Given

You’re in an international university of great repute, this means your career is sorted, right? Nope. You’ll be in a class of equally talented and street-smart peers who may have more real world experience than you, and you will have to work extra hard to get that edge and make sure you succeed in landing your dream job. You won’t be getting anything on a plate, and you’ll have to work extra hard for success, old sport.


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