Why is narcissism on the rise among the youth today?

Narcissism is a personality disorder in which a person thinks extremely highly of himself or herself and lacks the empathy of a normal human being. This person only thinks about what he can gain from a situation which is attention and control in most of the cases. He is ruthless when it comes to achieving his ends. The narcissist has no qualms of guilt for whatever he does; he is better than the rest of the people; he is grand and faultless. Does that not ring a bell?


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NPD is an age-old phenomenon and there are numerous books and movies based on such people. Unfortunately, it is something that has become a common phenomenon among the youth in the Indian society. What is causing this narcissist epidemic?

Low self-esteem

Narcissists have a poorly developed self-esteem. A healthy self-esteem is built on one’s achievements and abilities. With the advent of electronics and more and more video games, children spend their maximum time with them instead of engaging in constructive activities for self-improvement and growth. Consequently, the young adults today suffer from feelings of insecurity and shallowness deep inside.

Social media

On various social media platforms, as people view one another’s profiles, they compare a lot as well. They wish to portray their lives in as perfect a way as possible. With the number of followers they can have on instagram and the number of likes they can get on facebook, they can enjoy the status of a celebrity. They start thinking extremely highly of themselves. Moreover, they have become more and more obsessed with their pictures and the attention they receive through them. Not only does this add on to their craving for attention but also it diverts their attention from indulging in any useful activities to develop themselves which causes them to become even more and more insecure. Sadly, many of our youth have become trapped in this vicious cycle.

Work culture

According to Osho, a spiritual leader, people today are being manufactured to be able to serve the economy. People are incentivized to get higher and higher offices for themselves. There is a dark cut-throat competition amongst the employees. People are ready to do anything to outshine their colleagues and do not mind being ruthless. Here, there is no place for empathy and compassion for one’s fellow beings. Inter-personal relationships do not count. People are ready to manipulate and misguide other people for the sake of their ambitions and the person who is able to do this is considered to be ‘smart.’

Lack of parental love

The attention and affection that a child receives in his growing age are very important for his perception of himself and the world around. Children are increasingly becoming subject to neglect. Their emotional needs from the primary care-giver remain unmet. As a result, they look for ways to fulfil their need for attention. They could become histrionic and frustrated within.

Cultural change

The modern youth is brainwashed to make a name for himself. Often, contacts are made with people so that they are useful for the other person. The bonds of friendship and genuine care and concern are absent. In the past, people were obliged to be kind to and help their fellow beings. This ideology is becoming less and less important now.

The healthy self-love is being replaced by an unwholesome obsession with one’s wants and desires. Beneath all the show-bizz and glamour, the human is becoming more and more lonely and self-absorbed. The narcissist epidemic could be carried to the generations to come.


  1. Perfectly put. A part 2 of this article would be a great help with the statistics stated to be of more weight. Thanks for such an explicit string of explanation.


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