Narendra Modi’s Foreign Policy: The World Stands With India After Uri Terror Attack

Post the Uri attack, the Indian government has been on the offensive, with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi categorically warning Pakistan of dire consequences. Then again, we have been warning Pakistan of dire consequences…for a really long time now!

Narendra Modi's Foreign Policy

Of course, with a new leader at the scene, India’s foreign policy will be worth watching out for. As for now…with a view to accomplish the task of teaching Pakistan a lesson, a major move is being contemplated by India will come through a strategically well-crafted international stance. This, in fact, was made clear by the first speech delivered by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi post the terrorist attack last Sunday.

“We will isolate you. I will work for that,” thundered a livid Narendra Modi in a speech delivered in the southern town of Kozhikode, where he pledged to mount a strategic global-scale campaign to isolate Pakistan in the world.

Now, whether and to what extent Modi is going to be successful in making Pakistan a pariah state in the eyes of the international community, will pretty much be determined by the Indian foreign policy. This development is especially important considering that the Indian citizenry and a few military experts have vocally advocated striking right into Pakistan and launching attacks against suspected militant camps.

Although…realistically speaking, destroying a few terrorist cells operating in Pakistan cannot really curb the menace of Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism. After all, if killing a terrorist could end terrorism…the killing of Osama bin Laden would have brought Al Qaeda to its logical end. But as we know, terrorists (and terrorism) in a lot of ways resembles the multi-headed hydra. You slay one…and a hundred spring up!

Thus, given that an offensive strike against terrorists may not really solve our problem, it makes sense to take Pakistan head on, at an international level. This also makes sense when we view terrorism through the management concept of ‘Return-on-Investment’. You see, Pakistan has been holding the world at ransom through its well-thought out terrorism strategy. In a lot of way, it is almost like a child throwing a tantrum, believing that if it creates enough ruckus, it will get what it wants.

Now, if we go by that simple analogy…how do you deal with a tantrum-throwing child? Truth be told, if you leave the child and his erring behaviour unchecked, you are going to have to deal with his tantrums all life long. If you, however, were to deny this child what he wants and not give in to his pressure-tactics, truth be told…the child would soon realise the futility of his tantrums…and is more likely to give it up.

In a lot of ways, Pakistan is the tantrum-throwing child of the Southeast Asia, who has been holding the world at ransom…pledging destruction if he doesn’t get his way. Given this case, therefore, India would do well to call Pakistan’s bluff, expose its truths to the world that has been watching…and turn Pakistan into the pariah state. Maybe…then…the child will stop throwing tantrums and terrorizing the world.


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