Need for youth revolution in India

Left languishing in the worst state there has ever been, this country is in dire need of leaders who are not scared of the word ‘commitment’ and ‘responsibility’. This nation is like a child you had, which you didn’t know of, who suddenly shows up at your doorstep, asking for love and care. The reason why so many people relate everything (good or bad) to the youth of this country is because they have high hopes. They want to see the seed turn into a fully ripe fruit which gives everyone the happiness and pleasure that they have been waiting for since the day they sowed the seed.

Under these circumstances, it breaks the heart of millions of people to see the youth being wasted or too busy with something that has nothing to do with the nation. The youth is too busy with their plethora of problems and is turning a blind eye to the crisis that the nation is facing. The youth is naïve and frivolous and knows little of what can be made of their actions.

It is true that youth is the most misunderstood part of the society today, but the major reason behind this is the youth itself. Young people are audacious; they care little and don’t believe in justifying their actions which only makes the situation worse. When people are pinning their hopes on you, they require assurance that you are there for them and their life and future is not in danger.

Revolution doesn’t necessarily mean rebellion, it can be peaceful also. The nation doesn’t want you to die in the struggle; it doesn’t want you to bear the burden solely. It just wants you to give a face to the revolution and be the voice of the change. The country needs youth REVOLUTION!

  1. Red- tapism – When you are required to fulfill the formalities before the actual action is taken. It has been one of the major reasons why public sector (sometimes even private) hasn’t seen any major development in the longest time.
  2. Economy – the economy of the country is going for a toss, at this given time the biggest part of the working class is the youth and only they can help the nation overcome this crisis.
  3. Violence – Violence against women, children or even the same sex, has overall become the biggest enemy of our country.
  4. Oppression – Certain classes of people always find themselves oppressed under the current system of governance. Oppression always gives way to frustration which leads to violence and other disasters.
  5. Literacy – Literacy rate determines the development of the masses. We are yet to fight the bug of illiteracy that has been biting our country since Independence.
  6. Underdevelopment – whether it is the educational system or the roads of this country, the thought process or the health sector, our country has a long way to go before we see the dawn of development.
  7. Terrorism – No matter how hard we try, the wounds of 26/11/2008 can never be forgotten. One of the biggest cities of our country was burning for over 24 hours, people were being killed, children were wailing, sirens were being heard from dawn till dusk. This country is not ready to go through another 26/11!
  8. Ignorance – Turning a blind eye to whatever is happening in the country has definitely not helped so far, so let’s try and start caring about what is happening and act accordingly.
  9. Other demons – Corruption, drug abuse, alcoholism and several others have held us back for decades. The country needs our attention. NOW!!
  10. Negligence – The chalta hai attitude is turning out to be fatal for all of us. We need to up our game and get a hold on the situation.

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  1. The fact that India is one of the fast developing nation is acknowledged across the globe. Indian youngsters are taken seriously because of the immense talent they possess. However, despite all this, I feel there is a need to have a youth revolution in the country. A revolution which will mark the skill development and polish the talent of young Indians. Being the youngest nation in the world, it is more than necessary to extract assets which can otherwise turn out to be the liabilities.


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