Why Do We Need to Stop Worshipping the Internet ?

I have always thought that the internet is an ocean of knowledge. The problem though is that not everything that you see or read or find on the internet is the absolute truth. There is gyaan and then there is absolute rubbish. The reason for this is that nobody controls the internet.People often feel that no matter what they write, because of the mindless following of people, their content will get a million views anyway and that is all they care about.



The biggest reason why we need to stop believing in everything that we read online is because it is highly exaggerated. The internet has found a new way of attracting the audience and that is by blowing everything out of proportion. From the Tanmay Bhat issue to the gossip of B-town, from who played well in the cricket match to why should Gurgaon not be called Gurugram, we have an opinion about everything. And that is what makes us forget our personal lives and creates an abyss in our minds.


The Internet has brought a great deal of convenience into our lives, but that is affecting us adversely. Whether I am a 12-year-old girl who is working on her science project or a 22-year-old boy who is looking for a friend, I depend on the internet for everything. The problem with this is that we have forgotten how to make an effort. We prefer to not go out and interact on the internet, we choose to not make eye contact but poke instead. From choosing content that we wish to watch to choosing the people that we want to befriend, we get it all with a click and that is making our lives mechanical.

Far from reality

The biggest woe of living in a hypothetical space is that people have hypothetical identities. Often there are people who portray to be somebody who they are not and others end up getting hurt because of that. People make fake profiles, fake identities, they impersonate somebody or feign a cause to harm other people. This is one thing that internet struggles with even today, being unable to determine who is real and who isn’t.


The internet leads you to believe a certain things that are not even true. It might even change your opinion about yourself and your life and lead you to believe that things are not the way they’re supposed to be. It all starts when we read a lot about others and their lives on the internet and start comparing our own with them. We forget that we all as individuals are very different and focus only on the bit which shows how others are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do and we are not, which makes us perpetually sad.


The whole idea of internet has changed over the time and it has become that one place where people come to rant and just spit out their opinion which may or may not be the best. People often think that because they have the freedom of speech, they have to use it on the internet and put out articles or other such devices which starts debates and fights over the internet. What they forget is that they’re only making the world more intolerant.

The internet is one device which has changed the way the human race lives over the time. We have forgotten who we were and have started living in the internet age like robots. We do everything that the internet tells us to and we have moved far away from the basic nature of humans. This rift between the natural and the current way of living is what is making our lives difficult. No doubt internet is important and has its advantages too but we should not just become puppets and stop thinking for ourselves.


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