New trends on the rise among the Youth

The youth today is a refreshing change from whatever we have seen in the last couple of decades. It has new set of definitions, ideas and even principles. There are trends which change every season and there are people who are looking ahead for the next big change. That is the youth for you, they want constant change, they want freshness in everything, they don’t want to stagnate at a particular style or trend. They want to keep moving until they are dead.

A few latest trends were seen in things that are followed sacredly by the youth, these trends point a lot towards what the youth of today has become, or what kind of things they prefer.


The youth today likes being ambiguous about things, they like having a little bit of everything than having a lot of one thing. They like things to be multi-faceted, they like having that perfect combination of various things. They wear stuff which is classy yet chic, they read philosophy and fiction, they do stuff which is modern and ethical. Rigidity doesn’t work for the youth, they do not like sticking to one thing and forgetting all about everything else. They like living on the edge, where you don’t know what will come next. They look for everything in everything. They want all sorts of friends, they want all sorts of clothes and they definitely do all sorts of things. There is no black and white for them, there is grey and they like living by grey. They feel grey gives them more freedom, they do not have to make boundaries or demarcate what is theirs and what isn’t. There are no set rules of behaviour, following and belief, you can do exactly what you like and when you like.

Never before had anybody looked at ambiguity with such fondness, people today like being unsure so that they get to try more things, so that they have more options and so that they get to check the best of both worlds.

The real deal

The youth today is painstakingly real, they don’t believe in Bollywood romances and fairy tales anymore, they don’t want to become Harry Potter or the Terminator, they want to become the best version of themselves. They want to do whatever they can to the best of their abilities. This also points at how comfortable the youth is with itself. This shows acceptance in the real sense, they are aware that there are people who are better than them, but they do not let this put them down. They like being unleashed and raw, they like being juveniles and they want to be appreciated for who they are rather than what they could have become.

They understand and accept the reality and they do not look at things through rose-tinted glasses like the fools of yesterday. They understand that the world is cruel, that there is corruption, infidelity, hatred and betrayal. They plan to live through it anyway and become stronger to face the world.

All good things come to an end

They are so aware of their surroundings that they know everything comes with an expiry date. They know nothing lasts forever and that time never stops. They know that friends may not stay in touch, lovers might become enemies and good times and bad times will all come to an end all the same. They have one thing for sure, the rationality to deal with what the world has become. They also have a different way of looking at things, the youth feels that permanency is a synonym for stagnancy, that whatever sticks to them will stop them and this is something they cannot take. They want constant change and they want to keep moving forward, leaving people and things behind. This also makes one wonder where the times have changed the youth or the vice versa.

There are so many new perspectives that the youth has brought to the table that one might lose trust in the conventional ideas if he started practicing what the youth does. The youth has reached a point where they think everything through and they like being exactly who they are. There is no pretense, no façade and absolutely no drama.


  1. The change is the spice of the life and this change marks the trends from time to time. The trends of the current time among the Indian youth are completely new and never observed before. Our youngsters are the experts at everything yet know very little! Being ambiguous seems to be hobby and ranting without the facts is the cherry on the cake. Young fellows, get out of this bad habit! Talk only when you have the facts corrected.


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