Which One is the best subcompact SUV in the segment ? – Tata Nexon Vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Vs Ford EcoSport VS Honda WR-V.

Tata has introduced the all-new sub 4-metre SUV, the Nexon in India. The car will be launched against the likes of Maruti Vitara Brezza, Ford EcoSport and Honda WR-V. The segment is one of the most selling segments in India. Here is how all the cars feel against each other.

Tata Nexon

Which looks the best?

Out of all four, the WR-V looks the biggest on the road even though the dimensionally, WR-V is not the largest. The WR-V solid body-cladding and contoured bonnet does the trick. After WR-V, the EcoSport, which looks like a proper SUV takes the spot because of its resemblance to proper SUVs. The Nexon comes in third due to its extremely wide body, which gives it a unique identity. The Brezza comes in last due to absence of bodylines.


Dimensionally, Nexon is the widest and then comes Brezza, EcoSport and WR-V. As all the cars in questions are below 4-meter in length, it is up to the manufacturers who have to use the space wisely to present a powerful face. The WR-V gets a lot of street presence because of the heavy creases on the body.

Which offers better space?

Honda has managed to package the Brezza brilliantly, which gives it the most spacious interior space. The Nexon comes in second when it comes to the interior space of the vehicle. The Maruti Vitara Brezza comes in third and the Ford EcoSport comes in last in terms of space.

The Vitara Brezza has more headroom than the Nexon because of the straight roofline but Nexon wins when it comes for legroom. Legroom is much more important than the headroom in India.

Ford ecosport Car

What about the equipment?

As of now, the Nexon gets the most advanced cabin out of the five. It gets a floating 6.5-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and CarPlay. The infotainment system is provided by Harman. The Nexon also gets LED tail lamps and LED DRLs. The Tata compact SUV gets driving modes – Ec0, City and Sport, which changes the ECU characteristics of the car.

The Vitara Brezza is the second most equippe car in the segment that gets automatic DRLs, LED DRLs, SmartPlay infotainment system with navigation and Apple CarPlay, dynamic instrument cluster and more. EcoSport gets 6 airbags, the most airbags in the segment.

Engine and drive:

In diesel, the EcoSport is a winner thanks to its best handling characteristics. The low amount of turbo lag from the 1.5-litre TDCI diesel engine that generates 98.6 Bhp – 205 Nm makes it an abosolute winner on the highways. The Nexon comes in second driving on the highways. It comes with 108 Bhp- 260 Nm diesel engine. The Brezza comes in third because of its planted nature and 89 Bhp – 200 Nm engine. The WR-V comes in last because it feels extremely underpowered on the highways.

In petrol engines, the EcoSport’s 123 Bhp – 170 Nm petrol engine feels the strongest. The Nexon’s turbocharged 108 Bhp – 170 Nm three-cylinder petrol engine feels special and comes in at second. The WR-V 1.2-litre petrol engine again feels underpowered and comes in at last.


The WR-V is the one and only car in the segment that offers sunroof. It looks good but it may feel little sluggish in the way it drives. It is quite practical and has all the right things for the Honda fans who look for quality.

The Vitara Brezza is a well rounded product but is available only in diesel specification. The car is quite well loaded and comes with a value for money price tag.

The EcoSport is becoming outdated but the car is due for an update this year. EcoSport is for the people who love to drive. It is for the driving enthusiasts.

The Nexon has quite unique features and also have a good street presence. It will be the freshest product in the market when launched. It all depends on Tata how they price the vehicle now. On paper, it sure looks like a winner.


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