How parents Can help children make the right career choices

Having grown up in a family of doctors and engineers my obvious and perhaps only career choice was to add on to the family tradition, becoming a doctor that is. I had no idea what it entailed but since my academic graph was on the incline, I assumed that it was enough a reason to pursue the medical field.

However, in addition to strong medical upbringing, my parents always followed this one simple rule, ‘do your best and leave the rest’ to God that is. This strengthened my belief in destiny. I knew I had to work hard but then there was only so far I would get.

And it was this mindset that got me through the tough period of admissions after my 12th std. I never got into medical college, we couldn’t afford a private college and my only option was pharmacy. I was dejected but I knew there was a higher purpose to all my failed attempts.

My father was overjoyed that I would get into pharmacy school. Having been in the US he knew pharmacy was a great career choice, especially for women who ultimately want to have a family and not become too occupied with work. He somehow boosted my morale and made me realize that pharmacy was a blessing in disguise and that I should accept it to be so. It was!

I had a very fulfilling career as a pharmacist, I got to interact with a lot of doctors and help thousands of patients (which ultimately is the reason someone chooses a medical profession). My career path would have taken a different shape, was it not for the timely intervention by my father, who encouraged me to move ahead and do my best.


I think it would be safe to say that most of us go through this type or much worse a career dilemma. And who better than our own parents to guide us through this most important phase of our lives? Our parents know us the most, our strengths and weakness and can through their own experience help us chose our career path. By following this simple A,B,C,D, E rule, parents can assist us in our choices that will eventually shape our lives.

Academia– Whether someone is good in school or not, having a basic degree is something all parents can stress and ensure with their children. Having a strong academic background be it, sciences, commerce, arts and its allied branches can help us in determining our aptitude and trace our primary career path with stable source of income.

Belief- Belief is a two way street. Parents must have faith and believe in their children’s inclinations and vice versa. When parents encourage their children it can be the greatest impetus in our lives.

Core Potential – Every child is unique and is gifted with some talent. This becomes their core potential, which can be any art form like music, painting, dance or singing. They could be good at drama and speech or some sport even. It could be anything except academia. Parents must facilitate in honing their core potential so that it can become an alternate career choice or in some cases primary even like Sachin Tendulkar in cricket, Lata Mangeshkar in Music and so on.

Determination- Never let destiny short change your determination. Parents can encourage their children to move forward no matter how testing the times may be. Especially now a days where career options are dime a dozen, so is the children’s dilemma in career options. Parents can make a determined effort to step into the ‘oh so lost’ children and help them to chose their vocation, sometimes with undue resistance. D also stands for destiny but only when determination is exhausted, only then can we look for alternatives and understand that we are destined for another path. Parents are in a unique position to make us realize this simple truth.

Example– Example is better than precept and we all know this fact. Parents are primary role models for their children. Many children follow the career path their parents have pursued because they see how happy and fulfilling their lives are. The onus of being good examples lies on parents and also those with whom we interact regularly. Alternatively, parents can introduce children (depending on their aptitude) suitable role models in their lives, who will inspire and motivate them and ultimately become torch bearers in guiding their career path.


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