Parents Should Worry More About Violence Than Love-Making Scenes in Movies

The erotica writer, A. R. Torre once said, “Why is the topic of sex more uncomfortable than violence? Well, one might say indignantly, sex should be done in the privacy of one’s home, isn’t anyone’s business to discuss out in the open. Okay…but serial killing and rape are acceptable party conversations? Somewhere along the line, sex became more than taboo…[And] the thrust of a man into a woman is still more offensive than a knife into a body. Even then, just reading that sentence – did your jaw drop? Did you squirm slightly in your seat?”

Love Making in Indian Movies

Image courtesy : Sins (2005)

Well, if you did squirm in your seat after that deliberate jaw-dropping opening, don’t worry, for you ain’t alone. In fact, the Indian cinema had literally redefined and reflowered the art of subtle sexual euphemism. Remember the “Trembling Flowers” that were tantamount to arduous amorous activity between actors. In fact, I have always thought it was a rather subtle take on the actual “DEFLOWERING” process. Don’t you?!?

While things have changed…especially with the advent of multiplexes, Hollywood movies, and passionate paroxysms on TV (that’s right, even TV channels don’t mind turning up the heat, every now and then), the reality is that the age-old debate between the ‘Prudes and Nudes’ still rages on. Hence, it isn’t surprising to see how uncomfortable parents get at those love-making scenes, that often has them reaching for the remote. [Note: It has happened to you too, hasn’t it?]

Well, what is especially surprising is the paradox! The very parents that want to literally tape your eye shut lest you see some lust-and-thrust scene, are completely comfortable with violence and gore on screen. The truth, however, is diametrically opposite. In fact, studies show that violence on television not only has an adverse effect on children (shaping the way they think and act), it even impact adults.

I know there will still be those dissenting voices out there who must be going, “Well, watching love-making scenes on television also has an impact on people”. Well, you’re right…well, almost! This is because two recent studies led by health behavioural scientist, Rebecca Collins — which examined the impact of TV sex on teenagers’ sexual beliefs and activities. While it is true that that watching such content could hasten sexual activity, it was also found that, when treated appropriately, it could lead to a positive dialogue between teens and parents.

What these two studies basically highlight is simple: while there are positives to seeing sex on TV, there are no positives to viewing violence. And yet the Indian society has no qualms in releasing and watching movies like Hostel in India; and yet it nurtures the notoriously-prudish Censor Board — which under the tutelage of the moral police — even turns 007 into a Sanskari James Bond.

And while it is alright and acceptable to abuse your spouse, it’s time to buy Censor-board approved stopwatches for your bedroom!!! After all, there’s no lip-lock without a tick-tock!


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