Party destinations for youth in India

India is unimaginably diverse when it comes to culture and it is the best place for people who want the best of everything, you will get the correct combination of culture, party scene, tradition and modernization. India offers so much to the world that many of the people from all over the world sometimes choose to live in India for the better part of their life. Thus, here are a few destinations that one should definitely go to if he/she is a party animal.

1. Goa – Without a doubt the best city in the country which allows a person to let his/her hair loose. Goa gives the person the space to chill in a very non-conventional Indian atmosphere. It is probably the biggest tourist attraction in India and the parties there are like a house on fire. The entire Titos lane, the Baga beach, the parties at Anjuna and various other party spots make Goa the first option of the list of party goers.

2. Manali, Solang, Kasaul – People who love the hills more than the beaches should definitely head towards Manali and the neighboring Kasaul and Solang valley. They provide the best ambience for parties and all sorts of things that one wants to do while on a vacation. With various cafes in old Manali and Kasaul, one has innumerable options to choose from and the booze is incredibly cheap.

3. Gokarna – One of the lesser know but absolutely heavenly beach cities of the country, Gokarna and its Om beach provides you the best ambience you need to party. Situated in Karnataka, Gokarna is a place where you can avoid the crowded beaches and party in your own special way, the waters are clean and the shacks are lesser packed than Goa, any day. So, if you want to chill in the real sense, Gokarna is the place for you.

4. Mumbai – The best metropolitan city of the country, it provides the best view of the sea and even better parties than the ones you’ve been to. One often feels that life in Mumbai is a little too difficult, well, wait until you party in the city. If you are somebody who is crazy about music, love booze and like people who know exactly how to party, Bombay is the place for you! So pack your bags and head to Mumbai, a couple of discs and lounges that one can visit are – Trilogy in Juhu, Shiro’s and HRC in Lower Parel, Hawaiian shack in Bandra, Blue frog and Barking Deer Pub in Lower Parel.

5. Delhi – Let’s not forget the capital city which provides almost everything that the youth requires to live a quintessential independent and fun life nowadays. The capital city has become home to so many people from outside because it provides the best employment opportunities, exposure and the party scenes are crazy in the city. We are talking about clubbing, boozing and an unbeatable nightlife here. Go get a taste of it at the Hauz Khas village, Elevate, TGIF in Cannuaght Place, Mirage, Urban Pind, Agni and Capitol.

6. Bangalore and Pune – For the fear of having to leave out either of these two cities, we had to club them in one heading. Banglore, the IT hub of the country offers a lot more than just job opportunities to the youth. Apparently, the youth here is awesome-sauce and will tell you the best places one could go to and chill like never before. A couple of places where one could go are – Athena, Pecos, Club X, Zero G, Insomnia, the Club Inferno and many more.
Pune has never really disappointed anybody who went there with a view to party their ass off and have a great time. Clubs like Havana, HRC, 10 Downing street, Cyclone, Kiva, High Spirits, Apache etc, promise one a sizzling nightlife with the enthusiastic and energetic youth of the city.

Apart from the couple of cities listed above, there are major cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Chennai, which help the youth in clearing their minds after a long day and give them the opportunity to dance their heads off. India is already going pretty good as far as the party scenes are concerned, now we are only interested in knowing, how long will it take for the major music fests of the world to come to India?


  1. If life is the body, partying is its soul. You need no special abilities to be a party animal, you are one by birth. It is something in your genes only that make you one! So, the next time you are looking to plan on the party and vacations, make sure you do go through this article. From Goa to Gurgaon, Delhi to Denmark, it is all for you to discover your own place to party the heck out of you!


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