Perks of a travel trip with long distanced friends

Till now you’ve heard about solo trips or family trips or even trips with best friends. Ever heard about trips with your long-distance friends? Well, on my account of whatever experiences I’ve had with my College friends during my stay in another city for my graduation, the only experiences worth sharing are from those trips that I planned with my same college mates; only this time after completion of my degree.


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There is an obvious truth belying in the observation of how spending loads of time with your friends could work magic to your relationship with them. But I’d list out the perks of having just a long trip with your ‘estranged’ friends.

Moments without technology

Well, after a very long time cupid (channelizing its duty, ofcourse) plays it right and you’re reunited with your old pals from college – only this time, the network is all about some real face-to-face communication and not any tiring chat on social networking sites. Bet you don’t worry about your phone getting misplaced somewhere cause the conversations, the hugs, the laughs, the moments are all real; no pretense, no diversion.

Suddenly you’re the most talkative person on Earth

Confess how you’ve been waiting for this trip (mostly) because there is some huge amount of information (or gossip, maybe?) to be exchanged. Beginning from blabbering over breakfast to watching movies in laptops to toasting some pegs at midnight – you just don’t want to rest. You do not have to deal with awkward silences or cold vibes because distance of miles has literally failed in untying your bond. And then you have your secrets of ages all bottled up, to be shared at the perfect moment!

An unconditional sense of friendship

Understanding is the basis of any relationship. Post-trip you become more understanding towards your friends’ unavailability. You empathize with their tight schedule and give them much space. Complaining or nagging takes a backseat. You know innumerable calls or texts do not scale their love for you. There is this unconditional affection for them which only grows. The trip just convinced you more.

They replay in your mind constantly

There is this trip hangover along with the constant budging of those unforgettable memories you just knit for yourselves. You want to be with them doing the same things over and again. Few days post the trip, you only talk about your golden days and how they’ve been your best company. You are not tired of sharing your story with outsiders and make them feel envious. No doubt planning and saving for the next trip already becomes your priority.

Photographs speak more than thousand words, indeed :

It nearly becomes your obsession to scroll down all the photos everyday just to re-smile and relive those days. This matters a lot because you’re living away from them and photographs strengthen your bond. They become your second family, gradually and there cannot be
simply any occasion without you hoping to have their presence!

So here is a green indication for all the travelers (also non-travelers) finally to spread the word, pack your bags and get going for all the best reasons! And for those who have had such thrills, I bet you’re already smiling!

Just make sure you don’t forget to stitch your experiences into a beautiful lesson as you travel on.


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