Planning for Pregnancy: things to keep in mind

Conceiving a baby is indeed a wonderful feeling, every girl wants to become a mother someday in her life. I still remember very well, when I was a teenage girl I so eagerly wanted to become like my mother and wanted to take care of babies. And why not, motherhood is actually a boon for a girl, females are being blessed that they have attained such a higher responsibility from the great cosmic system to resonate a new life, it is being universally considered that the femininity of a female is better expressed when she becomes a mother. Only females are being blessed to have such an immense power that they can nurture a new being in their wombs for such a long period of nine month and then happily give birth to that entity. And after the baby is born, begins a hectic journey of bearing up that child and for that too, a mother seems to be always ready. There are many important things that the couple should take care of, when they are planning for her pregnancy, particularly a lady has to be aware and sincere for certain things before and during conceiving.

Pregnancy is a complex and a crucial process it can get affected even by some minute factors that can further create problems in conceiving, thus, the couple should take care of the following things when planning for pregnancy:
  1. Stop taking contraceptive pills:  in order to avoid early pregnancy nowadays females take contraceptive pills which they find easy and safe to follow but when the couple is planning for the pregnancy any kind of contraceptive pills must be stopped as early as possible. Contraceptive pills can increase the complexity of pregnancy since these pills restrict the process of ovulation and can also lead to an ectopic pregnancy (in which the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus that usually is in the fallopian tube). Hence, in order to avoid abnormalities in pregnancy, such pills should not be continued.
  2. Meet a good Gynecologist : consulting and getting a full check-up done by a gynecologist will obviously help the couple in conceiving because a doctor can describe all the possibilities and issues which a couple may observe while planning for pregnancy and also the doctor can better suggest about how to go ahead.
  3. Start taking folic acid tablets: folic acid is also known as Vitamin B9 that is usually present in green leafy vegetables, granary breads, brown rice, breakfast cereals and green vegetables. This folic acid is immensely helpful for the development of a healthy foetus because it helps in reducing the risk of neural tube defects (NTDs) like the Spina Bifida. Generally doctors suggest that a lady should daily take a supplement of folic acid 400 micrograms when she is trying to conceive and should continue with it till the 12th week of pregnancy.
  4. Stop alcohol intake and smoking: alcohol and smoking these are usually not good for a normal person so particularly when a woman is planning a pregnancy then these habits must be avoided.
  5. Talk to elders and friends who are already parents: talking to elders and friends would also help in receiving a good guidance in order to face the complexities of conceiving.
  6. Avoid too much caffeine: too much of caffeine is harmful for the foetus as well as for the mother. It can create restlessness and problem of insomnia for the woman.
  7. Avoid stress and strenuous activities: conceiving a baby requires a woman to be peaceful and stress free, stress will only increase the complexities while conceiving thus stress and stressful activities should be avoided during that time.
  8. Take proper sleep: proper sleep is very much essential for a woman who is trying to conceive, it will help her body to take proper rest and sustain stamina and good mental status.
  9. Plan your diet: diet is also a factor that needs attention, while conceiving a woman should intake a nutritious and a healthy diet that helps her body to reciprocate to the wide changes taking place within. Her haemoglobin, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar level and other significant factors should be balanced and controlled.
  10. Take care of body weight: sometimes due to over-weight a woman finds it difficult to conceive, thus, her body weight should be controlled well. Because during pregnancy also her body weight is going to be increased and if she is already over weight it will only make the delivery of the baby; worrisome.
  11. Not rigorous but add some light work-outs in your day: light exercise and some stretches help the woman to feel relaxed and fresh. Little walking and some light work outs add up flexibility and mobility in body as well as in life.

Hence, a woman should carefully and seriously plan for her pregnancy, right from conceiving, nurturing, birth to caring the baby involves a tough journey but in this whole sequence; conceiving is indeed a crucial and the foremost step that should be taken with utmost care and awareness.


  1. Pregnancy is a battle on two fronts, in my opinion. If it is a test of physical strength, it is going to push the mental limits as well! In this situation where both of your mind and soul are at a stake, do not risk yourself at all. I feel meeting a psychologist is equally important as meeting a gynaecologist. That apart, stay in regular touch of your dietician and try and to turn to complete bed rest.


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