Why politics is not a desirable career option for youth in India?

Politics is Scary!!! In fact, it isn’t a mere coincidence that Albert Einstein — the world renowned physicist — once exclaimed, ‘Politics is more difficult than physics’…And as if it was preordained and meant to be, it was just as the fuzzy-haired physicist had predicted, and people slowly turned away from anything even remotely related to politics. Thus, a youngster aspiring to become a politician (let alone a ‘good’ one) is as remote a concept as the remotest planet of the remotest solar system of the remotest galaxy. Politics, thus, is seen simply as a remote concept that only comes alive when we push a button on the remote control.


But why has politics acquired such a bad name…and not to mention, a bad taste…amongst both the hankering wards and their equally-harried parents? Well…to be honest, there are several reasons to be precise, however, let us only concentrate on the major three for now.

Reason 1: “Investments galore, returns unsure!”

Do you know what “Oklahoma’s Favourite Son” aka Will Rogers, the humorist and Vaudeville performer, once said of money, investments and politics? Well, if you’re thinking he said that you’d earn crores, you’re bound to be wrong. For what he astutely remarked back then, still remains the most pertinent observation, of the role monetary investment plays in the puerile world of politics — “Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated”. Hence, unless a kids’ parents literally sleep on a stack of cash, chances are that their kids would seldom dream of a career in politics. [After all, it takes heaps of “black” money to wear the pristine “white” of politics].

Reason 2: “A bad man is better than a bad name!”

No where else has the proverb — of a bad man being better than a bad name — become more befitting than the fine art of statecraft. What it effectively means is that politics has acquired such a bad name that it no longer remains a desired ambition of the young hardworking Indian youth. After all, which “good/bad man albeit with a good name” really wants to be associated with a vocation where pilfering is a politically way of life? Then again, can you really blame them?!?

Reason 3: “Politics is Not A Profession!”

If I have left you shocked with the above-mentioned title, please forgive me and give me a minute to set the record right. The tagline — “Politics is not a profession” — simply refers to this…that…politics was never meant to be a profession at all. It is a mission…a public service that needs to emerge out of personal convictions and a desire to genuinely put the country first. But in a day and age, where youngsters simply want to work so they too can enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle, is it possible to still expect them to believe what Aristotle once believed in…that…“teaching and politics are the two noblest of professions”…motivated by the common good!

So, whats the solution?!?

I wish I could say that the solution was simple and simply involved motivating youngsters to join the country’s political fraternity. Alas, it is not so simple! But does that mean that we need to despair and give up? Obviously not! The truth is, youngsters can be channelized in the right direction if they have suitable role models to emulate. Therefore, the people who are driven in life and want to work for the collective good of the people of this country, need to come together. Start working for the community (even if you’re all alone) and soon you will find people all around you…joining you in the political crusade. And if at any point of time you feel it cannot be done, just remember this…it only takes one lone shrill voice to break the glass!


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