How to be popular in your new college?

You could have been the high school prefect or member of the ‘cool’ club or even fall into the top three percentiles within your batch but all of it really doesn’t matter when you make the shift to college or what you like to imagine as your ‘adult life’.

Your first steps to the new phase of your life will never make visible the badges of popularity and success that you left behind. It is exactly how you treat your past life – leave behind and start from a scratch. These new people don’t know a thing about you; you miss being called by nicknames, miss being in the good books of teachers, or even miss being one of the coolest guys of school. Your new journey starts with a lot of independence and much goes into the decisions taken thereafter.

The initial days of your college life could either be memorable or ‘infamous’, it’s on you how well the dice is rolled. The decisions you take subsequently embark you on the way of becoming someone you desire to be. Parents worry about your academic life and let’s be honest, you worry the most about your social life – how well you fit in or whether you’ll be just another walking-dead. Some of you want to regain the old charm you left back in high school and this article shows you exactly how to do that. Remember the most important thing though. The decisions you implement now on from here, shall not only help you win through the freshman’s year but also leave a long-lasting impact, saving you for the rest of your college life.

Work for good grades

Ever heard about ‘beauty with brain’? Well it works quite well. Good grades of course don’t reflect your IQ level but then it helps others know you’re the one who comes with real competition. Attend classes every day to be good at grasping your subject. Consider yourself an essential part of class, who not only likes to sit in the last bench and wonder what on earth this degree is about, but responds to the discussions that take place. This not only makes you more approachable to others but also makes them notice you. You’re either hated or respected for your ambitions; but never ignored.

Mingle with the professors

A reminder here: this is not inclusive of flattering uselessly or buttering for serving your purpose. Mingling with your professors will build your network well. You don’t want to leave an impact of someone who is dumb or one who always kept to himself in college. Without being too clingy, let your professors feel your vibrancy. This is somewhat networking. You may wonder how this will help you make popular. Well, if you manage to enjoy their attention, you get recommended for good things. Be it volunteering for some event or getting their references for an internship you applied abroad. Bet that rest of your mates will find this intriguing. Cause you’re the fun guy with good reputation.

Be social

Go to parties or any event that your institute organizes. Not only do you get to learn new things but also meet people from different fields. Crack jokes (intelligent ones), share a good laugh, show interest over others’ interests (yes, don’t be the I-Me-and-Myself guy) and leave an impact. You don’t need to look good or wear a tuxedo to draw attention. Just be yourself; that’s want everyone lacks these days –

Get involved in campus activities

Find activities of your interest and join the clubs in your college that offers the same. Try getting in touch with the organizers; mostly they are senior students. This is how you network. Without being a snob offer them your hand. Convince them of your ability and be the one who even seniors wouldn’t mind looking on to. This way you be the one whose name people take quite every day.

Enroll for something new, like a sport

Agree or not, sports make you look a lot cooler than just strolling around the park in best of clothes hitting your opposite sex. It is the best way to utilize your time, stay fit and who knows if you might lead on to represent your college someday.People take extreme interest in interacting with champions and by that word I don’t mean ‘an athlete of athletes’, but an all-rounder.

When you do all this, you will notice that you’re not doing it to become popular solely but to come out of the shell as a more confident person. Like I said, this article will fit in for your future ambitions even. It’s just that you have to be confident, learn a lot from your college life, be a better version of yourself and of course, be popular!


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