Positive Attitude for success and self confidence

People who see opportunities in every challenge are capable of climbing to the top of success. It’s a fact, success has no short-cuts and it is not a short run phenomena. Qualities like perseverance, constant hard work, ability to analyze and take right decisions at critical times are the major factors that make a person successful. And, for all the above traits, one needs positive thought. You are that what you think. Your thinking makes you different from the crowd and it has the capacity to turn the table to your favor even at the worst situations.

You might find 100s of books in market having titles like 100 easier ways to stimulate positive thoughts and boost self esteem. However, positive thought and self concept are not bookish concepts. Rather, they are an art which you learn with passage of time, patience, learning from mistakes of others and never repeating the mistake that you have done. Affirmation in a repeated manner can help a lot in this regard. However, there is no 100% guarantee of increased positive attitude and self-esteem even after repeated practice of affirmation.


How to enter into the virtuous circle of positive thought and positive action

Behind every positive action there is a positive thought. However, some psychologists are of the view that the reverse is not true. But, nobody can deny the fact that increased positive thoughts makes your chance brighter to perform more positive works. It requires a strong will power and positive mindset. Once you keep on performing positive works, the affirmation level of your positive thinking is enhanced drastically. For this purpose, you need to avoid negative thinking and people having negative thoughts as soon as possible.

Affirmations and its impact upon positive thoughts and self-confidence

Understanding and practicing affirmations are not that difficult as they appear. Make a practice of standing in front of mirror everyday for 15 minutes and make only positive statements about yourself. Within a week, you will be aware of the fact that there were several hidden positive traits within you that you never knew or never practiced. Another affirmation practice that you can do on a regular basis is recapitulating at least one good work you did, one he(however minor it might be) to others and the praise or god words from your boss, colleagues or customers. This will definitely help you to wake up in the morning with a better positive thinking and enhanced self-esteem. You need to keep in mind that every morning has its own way to lead you and no morning is mighty enough to change the course of your life in a negative direction completely if you do not want.

Creative visualization for better self confidence and self esteem

For every incident, there are two types of goals. One is short-term and another is long-term. In most cases, short term paths are rosy and lucrative. But, long term path needs uninterrupted self-confidence to make your growth and success sustainable. Hence, while planning your goal, give priority to visualize long-term goals. It might be a bit difficult task but once it is a habit, it is forever. While visualizing never judge or compare yourself with others. Just have faith on yourself and keep on going. If you have the right attitude, every odd can be re-crafted to your favor with your positive attitude and self esteem.

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