Positive Youth Development

Youth being the future of our country should be nurtured with utmost care and time should be given to ensure their positive development. Following the saying, as you sow, so shall you reap, if we make sure that the development of the youth is positive, we will have a positive future. The youth will have great mental health and they will be energetic and positive people. This attitude will not only help the youth, but the nation as well, a positive youth can bring in changes at a faster rate and the chances of success are also better. The older generation and people who care about having a prosperous future need to look into this and make sure this happens. Here is how you all can make it happen-

1. Giving the youth positive experiences – The youth while growing up should be allowed to experience different things, I understand that all the experiences need not necessarily be good, but looking at them with the right approach will help the youth in growing with a positive mindset. It will prepare them more to face the hardships of life. Gathering experience will always be a good thing, whether it is good or bad, but one should be able to pick him/herself up from the ground if they fall after a bad experience. By positive we mean all the experiences should help in the growth of the youth and push them to become the best version of themselves.

2. Positive Relationships – People who have tumultuous relationships usually end up with a scarred psyche, it hampers their understanding of self and the concept of relationships and this can leave them hating relationships, of any kind, for the rest of their life. Youth should ideally be cared about and kept in an environment where people around them love them. This is a very crucial time for the youth to build their persona and during this if a relationship damages the youth, then that can leave a huge impact making them run away from commitments and relationships in the long run. This could also make them commitment phobic and we don’t want to see our youth going down that road.

3. Positive environment – Probably the most difficult thing to do because no one can really control the whole environment around the youth, all we can do is show them how to take things positively or make the environment positive for self. Youth will learn a lot by following your example, so show them that not everyday might be a good day, but they need to be strong, accept their life, and make the best out of it. Growing up in a positive environment shows that the children become happier, more open to new experiences and experiments, and will be able to lead a healthier tomorrow.

The youth is nothing but a mirror of their childhood, taking care of them right from the childhood will only help us in making sure that our tomorrow and the nation’s tomorrow is in the hands of sane leaders. We have the change to raise these leaders exactly the way we want to and we should not take this opportunity lightly. Alongside, we must be sure that we are following what we are preaching because the youth is more likely to pick up what they see us doing rather than what they hear us telling. For if we give them a positive today, they will give us an even better tomorrow. We owe it to them!


  1. If we are to win the war against war batting on the shoulders of our youngsters, it is essential for us to prepare them in accordance with same. For this, we must expose them to the world and let them gather the experience than just the knowledge of the books. Giving them a positive environment to grow in and fair chances to take the lead on relationships can also serve the mission.


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