Power of Indian Youth

The power of the youth of any nation is an index that will define the know-how of the future of that country. The skilled and the enthused young people have the power to re-write the history, describe the future references and make the best of the upcoming opportunities on their way.


With no contradictions, the youth is the present which will lead the future of India. Their power to accept the challenges and take the risks thrown at them makes them more an asset of all the existing age groups in the society. Let us now take a glance at the power of the Indian youth sorted in the points below:


Say thanks to the DNA and genes or maybe the difference is because of the geographical mutations, the young India presents an extreme level of the enthusiasm. It is this enthusiasm that makes them the undisputed leaders of the respective initiatives being taken upon. The warm blooded human race witnesses the enthusiasm at peak during this span and this account to be a prime power of Indian youth.


Innovation and the ideas come naturally to the young people. With the largest number of youth in the country, we are the youngest nation at the moment on the planet. With this, the ideas and the innovation are bound to come to us naturally! The potential is in us all, what is required is to gather the same. On the part of the policy makers, enough exposure shall be provided to us to enrich the entire mankind.

Youth Population

One of the things that can turn both, boon or the bane, being large in number is still our power. To complete the tasks, formation of the teams and to assist the change in the world legacy, we can all stand up, differently! If the unity is embarked in the talent of this unique age group, the numbers care enough to shrill the oldest existing anti-powers.

Let us now take a look at the aspects of recognizing the power of our youth. Skill development is a necessary part of same. The country’s young people can contribute to the success of the country if and only if they are equipped with the skills and the enough knowledge to do so. The unskilled man power can actually be disastrous and derail the economy of the country following the mass failures. Looking at the threats that can be posed up by the same, we need to breed the right generation to lead us in upcoming times. It is the high time by now that the policy makers plan the things in such a manner that even the by-products of the experiments they carry, produce high yield usage.

At the same time, the youth needs to understand their roles and the responsibilities in making of the country. They must focus in their physical as well as the mental development. The dedication, zeal to work hard and the innovative quest of the knowledge followed by the curiosity is something what will make them stand out of the crowd. It is the collective efforts which are required to reach the dream goal of 2020 as set by our fond former President, Late APJ Abdul Kalam!

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  1. We are the youngest nation in the world and this is one of the assets entire world envy us of! We are the youngest, we are the most skilled people and our talent is world renowned. What help us stand out of the crowd is our enthusiasm and the love for the country we people posses. Cheer up , India! Next cent is set to be ours.


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