Power of new ‘caste’ of young voters

Indians never cast their votes, they vote their caste

This quote hints about the way Indians elect their representatives. Ever since, the statistics have depicted the trends that the elected people from their respective constituency belong to the same caste as that of the majority. This caste divisive politics mars the spirit of integrity of the country as a whole and certainly requires to be changed.

Amidst these trends, the emergence of the youth and their active participation and discussion about the politics has served a long lasting hope. A hope which is enough to lend nightmares to the stereotype politicians, a hope that is ready to take the responsibility on their brave shoulders. Gone are the days when the elections, politics and voting were just considered a cup of tea of the retired and elderly.

What forces us to mention the power of the young India that can mark a new revolution if they hit the polling booth? Take a look, analyze and see for yourself.

If we talk about the poll bound state of Bihar and take a reference from the reports, the state has 58% of all the voters in an age of 18-35. Yes. The majority of the voters, in a state where the people have always supported the caste based politics, are also representing a ‘caste’. A caste symbolizing the change. Go back to Lok Sabha 2014. A miracle that launched a political party in parliament with a clear majority for the first time in 30 years could have just been a dream. What made this happen? We, the youth, did. The young Indians who were sick of torture and the tarnishing image of our motherland, both India and abroad showed their true power.

What is this power that have been repeatedly talked about?

It is the power of getting inked. It is the power of being the ambassadors of the change. It is the power that sent the mighty names to an exile for another five years.

If we take a look at the age and the mindset of the existing politicians, the fact that none of them favors us is quite evident. Our issues, our thinking, our concerns are seldom addressed. We are considered a the vote bank whose remote control lies with the head of the caste or the recognized person in the house. It would not be an overstatement to claim that the we are never seen as a resource but voters. Blame the corruption, junked thinking or the political incentives, politicians seldom take out time to talk about the same. Education, unemployment, health and million other concerned issues which directly effect, we are least talked about.

Democracy is a game of the numbers. Being the youngest nation in the world, we are not short of the numbers to win this game. What we lack is the mutual consent and unity. An old saying goes like, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ It is the need of the hour for all of us to unite and stand for our own rights. If our elected leaders are not ready to listen or address what we put up, wait for a while. The next elections are never far. Take your time, plan, choose your own people to fight elections and to represent yourself in the parliament.


Exercise your right to vote! Think rationally, break the stereotype and step out to reach the polling stations. It is not just the right of all of us, but our power. Stand up and strengthen the meaning of the quote given by Abraham Lincoln,

Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people!


  1. Indian youngsters are a new face of this nation and are potential leaders who will take India and the world further. This has been reflected effectively in the elections of past 2-3 years. Dethroning existing government of 10 years of reign and bringing the right people in the power, Indian youth has shown its power to one and all. Election turnout in the states and local elections have shown that we, the young people, are all set to take a dig at anything that demean our existence.


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