Power of Positive Mom in a child’s life

Mother- it is said that this is probably one of the most pious words any human being can think off. Relationship between a child and a mother is unique in many ways. A relationship that is orchestrated right from the inception of the cell, goes till the grave and perhaps beyond. A mother’s influence on her child is enormous. It is said that a mother can turn mountains for the child and his well being. And, her thoughts are something that can influence a child’s mind in the most unfathomable way.

Power of positive mom

No matter what the situation is, if a mother is positive in herself that imports in a lot of positive changes in the child’s life too. Here are few circumstances where a mother’s positive power proves to be a blessing for her child in every possible sense.

During Illness

Children are generally low when they are ill, and mothers are at the helm of things. A child in that point depends a lot on the mother. It has been noticed by child psychologists that when a mother is positive during her child’s illness, the child tends to recuperate fast. And, if mother is herself down and panicky, the child too suffers a setback, and takes time to heal.

During exams

A stressful time both for the child and the mother is the exam time. In a situation like this, the child is already in pressure to perform. Now, if the mother is positive and encouraging, then the child feels confident and comfortable beyond any reasonable doubt. This also prevents an emotional breakdown and physical sickness in the child. A positive attitude helps a child sail through the tough days with ease.

During heartbreak

Every child goes through a heartbreak. Whether it is about a fight with a dear friend at a tender age, or it is about a love affair that ends miserably, he needs support. And, that positive support if come from the mother, the child feels more secured and pulls himself out of the lurch fast. A mother’s positive attitude also give the child the much needed strength and conviction to fight with the peripheral issues of his life. While there are plenty of negativities in life, a positive attitude from the mother is the anchor that the child holds on to for life.

Special Children

Special children have special needs and what they need the most is a very special mother. These are the children whose either mind or body or sometimes both need special care and tutoring. The power of a positive mom can do miracles for such children. They are defined and refined in a way that is at times difficult to expect in a child without disabilities. A mother’s positive energy transforms these kids from special to unique being, in more ways than one.

Colossal effect on life

While there are moments in a child’s life that needs more power from the mother, but on larger note, a mother’s positive power shapes a child all throughout the life. A child who is growing up under the influence of a positive mom, is more likely to come out shining in life. There is much more emotional stability and security in his life. A child is brought up by a mother having positivity around is more likely to have a positive approach towards life. Such an individual will take even failure in his stride and move on. And, this in the long run has several positive implications that cannot be undermined. A positive mom shapes up a positive human being, who will in turn bring positivity into this world.


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