Prime Minister Narendra Modi Won India And The World Over

Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is by now a household name, from 90 year old man or women to 5 year old children, everybody knows who Narendra Modi is. The sheer charisma of Modi simply cannot be ignored; he has brought us what India has been missing for a very long time, that is, a hope for a change to make our lives better. In addition to that, he has also worked really hard in this one year duration of his term as a Prime Minister, so let us take a journey back and see the ten ways our own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi won India and the world over and made us proud.

When Narendra Modi Became the Prime Minister of India.

It was one of the most talked about and one of the most important elections in India after a very long time. The magic of Narendra Modi brought the whole nation together for a single cause and after a long time we experienced the real power of election and democracy when Modi won with the majority.

When the prime minister of India himself started cleaning road.

I mean talk about inspiring people to keep the surroundings clean, with starting ‘My Clean India’ campaign, he hasn’t just started the campaign and forgot about it, but he himself got onto the street to clean the road and behind him came all the other politicians, institutions and ultimately the common man of India.

When Mr. Modi said he would make toilets first, temples later.

And that is where we came to know how deeply our present prime minister understands the needs of India right now. Due to the contamination of water as well as the surrounding areas, many people and most of all children catch the vicious diseases like diarrhea, malaria, and dengue. By taking this initiative, Mr. Modi is going to save lots of lives as well as make a cleaner India.

When he launched Make In India Campaign.

Make In India campaign is basically a major national program which has been designed to transform India completely into a global manufacturing hub. This is also one of the most enthusiastic projects by Mr. Modi which is hopefully going to bring a lot of jobs, a significant rise in the GDP and a happy fulfilling along with it.

When he launched Digital India project to create more jobs.

Narendra Modi is working on the ground issues from the very start, by starting the Digital India Project he ensured that every government work should now get a complete digitization and as less paperwork as possible to ensure the fast working and speedy results. It is also estimated that this project is going to produce around five crore jobs in near future.

When Narendra Modi Roared at Madison Square Garden.

This was the time when India in all its glory was being represented by one of the fiercest leaders we know and that too in the USA. It was a big deal both for Indians, NRI’s as well as the political fronts of both sides, the Madison Square Garden Speech by Narendra Modi will always be remembered as one of the most historical and powerful moments for India on an international level.

When he interacted with children all over India on Teachers day.

One of the busiest men of earth takes out his time solely to talk with the future leaders of India about their own future, the children. This was indeed one of the proudest moments for the people of India because they knew immediately that they have indeed chosen a right man for the most powerful post in this country.

When he launched ‘Beti bachao-Beti Padao’ campaign.

Once again keeping in consideration one of the ongoing basic problem in India, Mr. Modi launched this campaign to improve the poor sex ratio as well as to educate the girls which is actually one of the most necessary, important and applaudable steps taken by him.

When Modi government immediately took action to help Nepal. From Narendra Modi himself on the radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’

“My dear brothers and sisters of Nepal, India is with you in this hour of grief. For 125 crore Indians, Nepal is their own. India will do its best to wipe the tears of every Nepali, hold their hands and stand with them.”

Being our neighbor helping Nepal was the most natural reaction for India, but the quick and effective action on it became possible due to the perfect working of Narendra Modi Government.

When Modi took the world’s most powerful selfie.

Narendra Modi’s visit to China was as majestic and important as it should be. Just like his visits in the USA and Canada, his visit to the China also helped India to make some important political deals and when Modi took this selfie with the China’s premier Li Keqiang it not only showed two world leaders of the fastest growing nation but also the combined GDP of both estimated to be around $10 trillion, yes this term seems fitting.

We hope that Narendra Modi makes India stronger at national as well as international level with his sharp leadership and make us proud again and again.


  1. It has been a year and a half since Narendra Modi government made it to the centre riding the horse of the aspirations of millions of Indians. No matter how much he is criticized for his foreign trips and even policies but one thing has to be acknowledged. India has been taken seriously on different platforms of the world! Noe only this, the internal matters have been considered sincerely. If nothing else, one thing is sure, something will be definitely positive when Indian see next Lok sabha elections!


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