Are Government Universities better than Private Universities?

One of the biggest dilemmas that are faced by any teenager moving to college after a long and cherishable school life, which one to go for? A private or a government university? Are you the one who is moving to the college after you senior secondary school? Is your child or any of your kin’s is going to be a college student from this year? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you definitely need to read this comparative analysis that may help you decide! Here you go!

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College Fees

Higher the score, better the college and lesser the fee! One easy mechanics involved in the college fees structure. Which institutes charges you what and why, read below!

Government institute:

The fees are determined by the government and the same has to offer subsidies, reservations etc in the interest of the public welfare. If you are able to score well and manage to grab a seat in the government college, one thing, of many, you can celebrate is the meager fees.

Private institute:

Decided by the management and for the purpose of business, private institutes refuse to offer any subsidies and hence charge you more! Not only this, there are different fees structure on different levels based on your scores and nationality as well! Yes, they have the NRI and local quota separately!


Placement is a point that is considered largely while selecting the college. It is essential to find out the placement records from the previous years for the obvious reasons. The brand name of the college can definitely help you land in a better place. Let us see which institute can help you grab a better placement!

Government institute:

History reveals that the tags of the prime colleges in the nation have helped the students join better companies at considerable packages after the graduation. However, the scenario is a little different when it comes to the second-tier government colleges. Blame the reservation or any another factor that major companies seldom visit such government colleges.

Private institute:

Established private institutes are definitely working hard and using their resources well to host established companies on campus and help students in getting placed. Thank their contacts and the competition in the market that they manage to pull the 100% placements. However, the status of the “shops” here and there in the town is still same and even poorer than the government colleges.


It is not what you teach that matters alone but whom you learn it from does too! Which one offers you the better faculty?

Government institute:

The job security and the recruitment procedure by the government help the making of qualified and the experienced faculties. They are well paid, highly educated, knowledgeable and carry an insight out of their research and the experience that help the students learn from the best.

Private institute:

This is one section where the private colleges may lack a little! Marked by the shortage of the faculties, employing graduates for teaching purpose also deprives the students of learning from the experience. However, not all the fingers of the hands are same and there are still many private institutes which have the faculties at par with the government colleges and even better.


The environment where you study has an impact on your education.
Which one can offer you the better infrastructure?

Government institute:

Most of them lack on the note of infrastructure. Poor labs, old furniture in the classes and not so considerable building mark the government institutes.

Private institute:

We are bound to give full marks to the private institutes on this note. Since the purpose is to make money and funds are fair, the infrastructure is considerable and promotes the studying environment on the psychological front.

This is just a fair comparison that brings a real picture of the both to you. To chose one or to go to another is solely dependent on you. Make a wise decision considering all the aspects! All the best.


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