Problems faced by new authors and how to overcome them

Fiction is such a world of freedom. It is wonderful. If you want someone to fly, they can fly.” – Alice Walker

But is flying that easy? Writing is an art, an art that comes naturally, an art that develops when you learn to admire the small things around you. It is an ability to express something that is not feasible in the real world. Everybody can write because writers are desperate creatures. But when this desperation vanishes, they stop being writers. Some write for mere pleasure while some write to reach out to masses. In either case, the problems knock your door for sure. Here is the list of several problems that are faced by new authors and the easiest solution to all the hurdles:

What to write, what not to write : If you pick up your pen and decide to write, you might encounter a brief period of blankness or “Writer’s block”. This is when you think what should you write about. The simplest answer to this is, “write what you would like to read”. If you want the masses to hear your opinion then do not fear the consequences. Write bravely for it is your birth right.

Lack of confidence : You lose your confidence when you do not have sufficient data or facts about the topic on which you plan on writing. Arguing the toss is a bad decision. But if you have solid arguments supporting your point, then it is better to give it a shot. Indulge in research and read as much as you can. Collect facts and figures and rebuild the lost confidence.

Fear of competition : Yes, there is so much competition in this field. Every other girl/ boy next door has numerous thoughts to pen down. But which field does not have competition? It depends upon the individual’s capability and the urge to go further in that field. Too much competition is an opportunity to earn more. It is a chance to widen your horizon and expose your creative self.

Time management : Yes, this hits the topmost position in the list of shackles of being an author. Should you or shouldn’t you devote time to writing on a regular basis? The answer is yes. It is important to write (at least one page, say 500 words) daily. This not only boosts your confidence but also helps in keeping the grey cells working in this direction.

The fear of selling : When you write, the desire to be read increases, with time. There comes a time when you chop and change the plans of getting yourself published. This is the fear of selling. Questions like “Will my story be appreciated?” or “What if my book does not hit the best selling charts?”, keep on haunting your mind. In such case, it is better not to ponder much on the selling part. Just write whatever you wish to write. And then proceed to the next step of proofreading.

Language barrier: It is not necessary that all the authors have the best command over English or any other language. These days there are several cases where the authors opt for some random publication house and get their manuscripts published. But the truth is exposed when their script gets reviewed and several errors are pointed out, resulting in bad rating of the book. Here, it is important to focus on the quality rather than name and fame. Consultation with an editor or established publication house will yield results that will be worth every penny spent.

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