How to pursue your artistic passion on the side

The best way to live a balanced life is to keep your passion alive even if it is not your profession. Following your passion will keep you young for long and will keep you content and happy. It is through your passion that you live life to the fullest.

pursue your artistic passion

Your passion gives you something to look forward to even after a long tiring day, it keeps you interested and active in everyday life and then helps you hone a new skill while you’re at it.

Take out time

No matter how busy you are, make time for things that you love doing. It could be after you come back from work or on the weekends. It could be early in the morning or during work hours when you need a break, but make sure you give time to your passion because that is the only thing that you actually do for your contentment and a healthier life. It may not seem possible but it is one thing that you owe yourself.

Find other people

Look out for other people who have similar interest and have free time when you do. Form a group which will help you focus on your passion and unwind in your free time. These groups can be therapeutic as you learn from other people and you make new friends. For people who work all week long, these groups are almost essential as they help them stay sane and also bring them closer to their soul.


Frame a timetable allotting time to everything important in your life, giving proper time to the things of your interest. The idea is to stick to this timetable even when work starts getting hectic and adopt a healthier lifestyle. When your heart is happy, your life becomes ten times better and you become more efficient as a person too. Being busy and using every minute of your day to the fullest will keep you in good health and good spirit.

Use Internet

Be selfish and use all the resources that you can to know more about your passion. Look up on the internet, find people online who share the same interest. Build communities and derive your energy and motivation from those communities. The internet has proved to be a boon for various things, and you take advantage of it by taking free lessons. Later, you can also use the internet as a platform to showcase your talent and earn money alongside.

Keep Learning

There will be times when it will seem almost impossible to manage with the work load and family duties but remember that you’re a work in progress and you will be the best only when you invest more in yourself. Don’t give up and set your priorities straight. Your work and other things are an important part of life but your passion is the only thing that will keep you going for longer. It will keep you mentally healthy and happy.

Human life is full of ups and downs and during all this if a person has something to stick to and something that has the power to make him or her happy through rough times, then that thing is the absolute redemption. Giving up on your passion, no matter how old you are is like giving up on yourself. It will only result in unhappiness and regret later. Make sure you are proud of the life that you are leading by striking a balance between your passion and your profession and keep your heart and your head stable.


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