How reading can improve your memory?

You totally love the smell of the pages of the books as you open them to read. Do not you? Well, if you are also one of that aficionado who loves to flip through the pages of your favorite novel as you read through, this is something you must be taking pride in! Yes, knowingly or unknowingly you are giving a chance to yourself and improve your memory in this journey.
The studies have proved that reading improves your memory. How? Take a look:

Reading is the workout for the brain

As you read, you take several pauses, create the scenes in your head and let your imagination flow as the book progresses. In a way, you are working out on the brain which could have been idle otherwise. You are rightly exercising the huge part of the human cerebrum which in turn keeps different parts active at the same time. As you read, you a picture, run videos of the scenes in your head. In this respect, many cells are exercised and this help to sharpen the memory.

The biological reference

The latest study conducted by the people of different age groups connects reading with the gray cells. The quality literature you are reading, you are helping the refining of those gray cells and thus indirectly improving your memory. The avid readers are claimed to be free from the fatal disease like Alzheimer. Since you are saving huge on this ailment, you have all the reasons to purchase those books and multiply your chances of having a better memory as you read and grow.

Stress buster

Stress is a big hindrance in the memory development! Once it starts haunting your mind, you realize that you are nowhere even close to keeping an account of the things which were on your tips otherwise. Now, reading is like creating your own wonderland. You are into a whole new world of the imagination so much so that you can feel the events mentioned in the book occurring around you. Since you have escaped your real life which was apparently stressing you, you have escaped the causes which were depriving your chances of mental development. This way the cells associated with the brain are protected against the mental decline which can ruin your memory powers in a long run!

Expand vocabulary

The human brain works on a simple principle, the more you utilize it, the more it surprises you with its abilities to memorize!
Hence to improve your memory, you are required to challenge the powers of same from time to time. For this process, while you read, keep a dictionary next to you. Every time you find a new word on the board, do not ever hesitate to turn to your word bank. This way, you are improving your skills, one. Two, you are also indulging in the expansion of the domain of your brain’s memory. Is it not the best win-win situation where you learn and create room for more at the same time!
It is thus advisable for the you to expose self to reading and its pleasure at an early age since it is scientifically proven that reading can help you in improving your memory!


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