5 Reforms the Narendra Modi Government has Brought in for Youth of India

On May 21, 2014, this country (and the youth that forms the majority of it) decided to give Narendra Modi a massive mandate to refashion and reform this country…and their own fate, in the process! The youth in particular had high hopes from the political saviour who could change their lives…after all, he had promised them one thing that seemed to have become lost over time…through the murky UPA regime (whether I or II)…and that was a ‘Future’.

Youth skill India

Thus, even before the election, Narendra Modi envisioned a better India for the young Indians — an India that was full of promises and full of hope, which was also reflected in the electoral promises he made to the country in general and the youth in particular.

Thus, today…let us take a look at the 5 reforms that the Modi Government brought about for the youth of this country

  1. National Career Service Portal

In an effort to modernise all government-run employment exchanges, Narendra Modi launched the centralised National Career Counselling Portal. The portal aims to bring on board 20 million job seekers (who are already registered with different employment exchanges across India) together with 900,000 establishments and companies, including job postings from all central government ministries and departments and state-run enterprises…bring both job-creators and job-seekers on the same platform.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

The PMKVY is a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE). The new skill training scheme hopes to impart skill-development training to its 80 crore youth, making them employable in the market. Of course, the centres are not just concerned with imparting the requisite skill training, but is also focusing on placement tracking to ensure that the youth do not just leave with better skills and prospects, but also with better jobs. In fact, the popularity of the PMKVY can be gauged from the simple fact that there was a whopping 18 lakh enrolment in a matter of 8 months.

  1. Digital India

In an effort to creating a digital highway in the country, Prime Minister Modi has been instrumental in launching the ‘Digital India’ scheme, which is furthermore sub-divided into 22 initiatives. With eight new software technology parks that will take the total number of such parks to 62, the Indian youth and his future looks bright and promising.

  1. Make in India

A major initiative of the Modi government for the youth comes through the ‘Make in India’ campaign that is not only designed to facilitate investment and innovation but is also working towards adding more jobs in the country by establishing industries. In fact, the campaign has already caught the attention of many industries across the world.

  1. Connect with PM

The biggest reform of all comes through the power that the youth now possesses in his very hands — connecting with the Prime Minister through his phone. Thus, using the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’, the youth can now connect with the Prime Minister and share ideas, opinions, and other issues related to youth and entrepreneurship.

Thus, the Indian Prime Minister, who represents over a billion dreams, is doing all that he can to cater to the masses that make us a young country.


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