Respect your parents, teachers and mentors

While you’re still growing up, you will come across a lot of people who will give you unsolicited advice, a little bit of moral policing and most of all will judge you on your behavior. But there are these very few people who put in a thought when they see you act in a particular manner. They love you and they want to bring out the best in you and that is exactly why they never give up on you no matter how badly you behave with them. They will stick by you when you’re at your worst, when you go through the lowest phase in your life and when your friends might not even want to see your face.

I am talking about the people who love to guide you through the thick and thin of your life, people who actually go that extra mile to show their presence in your life and those who would think a million times before they even start judging you on your actions.



The first people who are officially a part of your life and will try to stick around even when you’re not at your best behavior. The reason one should always respect his/her parents is because they give up practically everything they own, wish for or desire the moment you tell them you want something. Their love for you is selfless and their sacrifices infinite. Most of the times you don’t even realise when your actions hurt them, but they still smile when you try to make things alright. They are one of those people who understand that you’re making an effort, they are the ones who will push you no matter how mad they are at you and this is precisely why one should never disrespect their parents. Because no matter how hard you try, you can never return what your parents have given you.


No doubt your parents are your first teachers but soon after you start talking and making sense out of what is happening around you, you are made to interact with people who are responsible for your formal education. Most of the times you feel that a person who is not related to you will probably not care about your lives or your future but teachers prove that humanity is the biggest religion and that there can be people who may not be related to you by blood but care for you just as much as your parents do. Teaching has so far been the most thankless and difficult job ever, it is one platform where you are seldom misunderstood but never give up. Thus, teachers should never be disrespected because they are the ones who will tell you that you’re not good but that they’re here to help you regardless of that.


As you move further in your life you will realize that there will be people you will end up having a love-hate relationship with. They may not necessarily be the same age as you, but they will discuss your problems, debate your actions and criticize you if you’ve done wrong only to bring out the best in you. Mentors and mentees often have the weirdest relationship ever, but believe me when I say, if you do not have a critical mentor, you may never make it big in life. Respecting somebody who is willing to damage his/her image only to see you grow is probably the biggest gift they can give you, respect it and carry it on forever.

Parents, teachers and mentors often play a very similar role in your lives of shaping you for a better future and quality life without thinking about themselves, this role should be acknowledged and appreciated and the best way to do that is to show it through your actions. Show them that you care for them, love them and respect them.


  1. If you are able to read this on your device with the best of your knowledge in your beautiful place, you must be thankful to 3 people. Your parents (count them as one!), your teacher and definitely your mentor. You may argue that you bought the device from your own money but hey! Your parents made you capable enough to learn. Be a man and accept the comfort the above people put you in!


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