Role of Teachers in Nation Building

Teachers are the future builders of our country, they are the providers of knowledge and wisdom. They are the basic source of education for most of the people of the country and they are the ones who build the future of the nation. The teachers can very easily decide what they want the nation to look like and educate the masses accordingly. They have the ability and the strength to fight the odds and make India a powerful and a well educated country.

Role of Teachers in Nation building

Teachers have a vital role in nation building because the future is totally in their hands. They choose to be the fortune builders of the country and if you really want to know how important teachers are for their country, try imagining a nation without them. It will only be a nation of utter chaos where nobody would step up to make sure the kids get the best education and the knowledge to sustain a good and healthy life. The nation will no longer be able to progress and the population will be sick. Here are a few characteristics of the roles that our teachers play every single day-

Making the children ready for a challenging life – it starts at a very early age, the teachers take the kids away from their parents for a few hours and teach them in a total different environment. They try and make the environment as friendly as possible, but it is still different from the environment at home. Knowingly or unknowingly, teachers prepare the kids for unknown environment which they might have to face in their lives.

Literacy and wisdom – The teachers not only make the child literate so that he/she can earn enough to have a normal lifestyle, they also provide words of wisdom every day which shape the personality of the child. Many children are influenced by their teachers more than the parents. A teacher is mostly selfless and believes in dissipating whatever information he/she can to make the kid wiser than yesterday.

A friend, philosopher and guide – Today we can see that teachers have moved on from the basic image of a strict teacher, they have become much more for their students. They provide a friendly shoulder to cry on when the kid is in a problem, they tell about the philosophies of life so that the child could take lessons and apply to his/her own life and they guide the child to follow the right path. The teachers have the courage to push the kid to do what they want to, even if it has never been done before.

Well-wishers – No other job makes a person worried if a child’s parent is divorced, a drunk or a wife abuser. Teachers are the ones who have full knowledge of the child’s life, the environment back home, his mindset and his capabilities. They always try and strike a balance between all of these things and make sure that the kid’s future doesn’t get affected in a bad way.

Nation builder – A nation comprises of the children way more than adults. The children are the future and the teachers are the ones who are getting them ready for their task. With optimum education, wisdom, exposure and resources, the teachers are building the nation for tomorrow brick by brick and the foundation is so solid that the nation will only grow upwards.

Teaching as a profession is probably the most challenging because it combines all the other professions in order to help a child grow. One has to have good communication skills, managerial skills, reading and writing skills, storytelling skills, everything. The teachers have selflessly and courageously chosen the path where they will always be working for the mankind and for its good. Not everybody has the heart to do it. The leaders of today are getting the leaders of tomorrow ready.

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  1. Just today’s news say that CJI had a choked throat speaking about his teacher at a university’s convocation in Punjab. If a man of his credential is crediting his teacher with that a great passion, we can well imagine the role of the teachers in nation building. Doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects and many more people make India but the teachers make them! We need more of the responsible teachers with devotion towards the country.


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