Role of youth in Preserving Indian culture

The youth is as Indian as it can be. Though misunderstood a lot, the youth is really close to the culture and the country. They may not talk about it often, because they like showing it more than speaking about it, but the youth is as fascinated with being an Indian as the rest of us. They consider themselves to be different only because they have the courage to accept that there are times when the Indians go wrong and but they are there make India, or rather the modern India, a better country and hence a better place to live in.


The youth has a couple of plans to make their country and its culture famous worldwide and that is only because they are absolutely proud of who they are and what this country has given them. And as I said earlier, they like to show it more than speaking about it.

Take the culture to a global level – The youth travels, represents the country, and has the potential to reach and perform at global level. Hence, the youth can actually promote the Indian culture globally. The youth interacts with the rest of the world on various platforms and thus can show the world what Indian culture actually means.

Safeguard the culture from getting extinct – The Indian culture is one thing that has made every Indian proud and the only generation which can help us in saving it from getting extinct is the youth. The youth is the carrier of the culture and is capable of passing it on to the generations to come. Also, the youth can make the Indian culture richer by valuing it and following it.

Pass it on to the generations to come – As discussed in the paragraph above, the youth is the carrier of the culture and the only link which will connect the older and the younger generation. Thus, it is in the hands of the youth to pass on the Indian culture to the generations to come and keep it alive forever. The youth will have to give the younger generations the belief they have in their culture and the passion with which they wish to take it forward. The younger generation should understand that our culture is invaluable to each one of us.

Accept it to take it forward – The youth may have certain problems when it comes to following the Indian culture, the reason behind this is the difference of opinion. The youth of today is modern, rational and doesn’t believe in anything which doesn’t make sense. So in order to take the culture forward, first of all, the culture should make sense to them, they should be sold on the fact that Indian culture is nothing but the best. This is where the older generation can help the youth. Explain the culture and why you regard it so highly so that the youth can follow it as passionately as you do.

We all love our culture from our head, heart and soul, but still we feel that it is losing its essence over the time. The reason for this could be anything – difference in thoughts, non-acceptance of certain values, change in perception and change in the lifestyle. But all these reasons are as volatile as they can be. Indian culture is one culture which embraces everybody and the sole reason for that is because it respects every person, every religion and every thought.

The basis of Indian culture is acceptance of different views, but the meaning and the version of this has changed over the time because every person perceives it in a different way. So, it is essential to forget all the different versions and support just one basic rule – respect each individual!

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  1. I always say the youth has a lot to do to improve the status of this country. In order to revive the culture and to preserve it for ages to come, we have a lot to perform! First thing first, we need to overcome the phobia and the fear of being backward. Your culture is what it represents you. Do not be ashamed of it. Next, take it to the global level, speak about it, let your next gen inherit the right facts for the years to come. Remember, India is what it is because of the cohesive existence of the different cultures in the same society.

  2. The culture of any country has to nourish the younger generation and vice versa. This calls for the youth to preserve the culture of the country. In order to achieve this aim of preserving of the culture of the country, it is hence important to acquaint the youngsters with the culture. For this, we need to take them on a cultural drive. It can be either an audio video campaign or merely helping them read about it from trusted sources.


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