Role of Youth in Nation Building

The youth of a nation shapes and moulds its present and paves the way for its future. The young generation shoulders a huge chunk of the responsibility of nation building; not the politicians or the policy makers alone. It would be more accurate to say that the youth working in tandem with the government decide the fate of a nation and its coming generations. It is, therefore, important that the voices of the youth get the right platform. It is necessary that the youth gets to exercise their freedom of speech, their opinion and their ideas.


So how can the youth help revolutionize the way an entire generation functions? In what ways can the youth bring about the much required change?

Youth & Education

The foundation of an entire nation, its economy and consequently its future depends on how well the youth is educated. In terms of educational infrastructure, India has been witnessing a massive growth, but it is not enough. The constitution of India guarantees compulsory and free education to every child till the age of 14. But, it is hardly a reality owing to practical hurdles like economic inequality and rising population. The youth of India needs to be multifaceted with education remaining at the core of everything. Education empowers you with the ability to think, to tell the right from the wrong and good from the bad. In a country like India where “traditions and customs” is sometimes bigger than humanity itself; education is not an option, it is a necessity.

Youth & Politics

The young generation is no longer turning a blind eye to politics and government. More and more people from the younger generation are expressing interests in politics and how the country governed. According to Census 2011, 229 million of the India’s entire population is the youth. It is, therefore, imperative that their say in who will run the country and who won’t will make more than just a small difference. If the 229 million and counting join hands and decide to free the country of corruption, it is not a task that cannot be achieved.

Youth & Social media

Social media has managed to give the “shy Indian youth” the power to speak their mind. Voicing ones opinion is no longer a luxury of the rich and the elite. Anyone and everyone can be heard. You do not need to have access to the best academic grooming to be able to come out and talk about what you feel about any pertinent issue. The youth is asking questions. The youth is coming out on the streets and protesting when they have to. The youth is joining hands in solidarity when that is the need of the hour. A platform this powerful needs to be utilized at its fullest and the onus lies on the youth of the country.

There are so many deep routed issues this country is plagued by. Just getting educated, involving yourself in politics and making the rightful use of social media is not going to eradicate every single problem in this country. This country needs to win over poverty, get access to proper health care and employment. The responsibility lies with the privileged to help uplift those that are not. Those who have the access to better opportunities should come forward and help those who don’t. History has time and again vouched for the fact the youth collectively can help achieve the impossible. They are passionate, motivated and strong willed. If the youth make their voices heard and resolve to make a change; there is no reason that India cannot be the greatest nation in the world in every sense of the term.


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