How to Score Good Marks in 12th Board Exams

12th board exams are almost like a milestone in everybody’s life. These exams mark the beginning of a new phase of life where one has to take tough decisions and make career choices. Most of the children today work hard day and night in order to get their desired result, but sometimes they feel that they’re headed nowhere because they cannot channelize their energy in a particular direction.

How to score good marks in 12th board exams

So here is a quick guide as to how can one give his/her best in the 12th board examination.

Follow a schedule

I feel that one will be able to do well academically only when he/she is healthy, gets enough sleep and is mentally stable. To ensure all of this, you should start following a proper schedule where you give proper time to studies, sleep, some physical activity and eat well too. You cannot neglect other things while studying because the downfall of health will start reflecting on the academic performance also.

Regular Revision

Once your schedule is taken care of, you need to start figuring out a revision cycle. It is only through constant revision that you can ensure good marks. The syllabus in the 12th grade is vast and to keep in touch with everything that you have learnt in the last two years can be quite difficult.

So along with learning new things, you should make time to revise things that you have learnt in the past.

Previous year question papers

Previous year question papers will give you a fair idea of how the paper is set and what you should expect. Also, try solving as many previous years’ papers as you can because many a times similar questions repeat in board exams. There are 10-year paper books that are available in the market which will give you question papers of a particular subject for the last 10 years. Also, don’t forget to reattempt your pre-board question paper before you go for boards.

Reference books

After going through and learning whatever NCERT has to offer, you must keep time to go through the reference books which provide a higher level of learning of the same concepts. The only difference between NCERT and reference books is the application of the concepts. The reference books prepare you for more difficult problems while NCERT gives you just the basic problems to choose from.

Practice Papers

Practice papers or mock tests prepare you for D-day. They give you a whole step wise explanation of how an exam is to be attempted. They make things easier for the you by telling you the breakdown of marks and then making you understand that each step of a question carries certain marks and it should not be avoided or forgotten. Also, you should not forget that at this level presentation matter a lot. A shabby looking paper which is totally correct will fetch less marks than a neat and clean answer sheet which has one question wrong.

Talk to your mentors

Undoubtedly this phase in your life is difficult and extremely stressful and that is why you should have at least person that you could talk to. It could be your parents, teachers, an older sibling or anybody who could guide you. There are various distractions that can happen at this point and that is why you need to discuss them with somebody who could help you so that your performance is not affected. A mentor at this point is absolutely necessary so that you have an idea of a future that you want, the present that you’re dealing with and some security.

At this point it is totally natural to feel stressed because of the constant pressure that is building up. Also, it seems like a life altering thing so you may feel burdened with all the expectation that is building on you. So make sure you talk to somebody and feel lighter. Don’t let anything affect you so much that you’re unable to perform, because that will bring more regret than anything else. Just have faith in yourself and give it all you have. All the best!


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