Seven Ways to Give Your Wardrobe a New Attitude

Hello beautiful girlies! Summer’s here and were looking for fresh new trending styles to keep up with the fashion world. Me being a student, I can’t shop like a maniac! Pfft! I don’t get that kinda money! I have a few  tiny-miny fashion hacks which make me stand out in the crowd and I’m definitely able to make heads turn!  Giving your wardrobe new attitude doesn’t mean you gotta stock up the entire closet with new clothes(pfft! Only if you’re filthy rich, you can.) All you need are these basic things which will make your summer absolutely happening!

A White Shirt & A Pair of Denims

An absolute “YES!” to a pretty white shirt with a well settled pair of blue denim jeans. This look works out at almost EVERY occasion. A date with your girlfriends, just add a pair of those sexy stilletoes and the badass aviators.  A family brunch, a cute little pair of gladiators or bellies with a cute bouncy pony tail. College, a pair of sporty sneakers and list can go on and on.

You can wear this combo with anything! Literally! No one can go wrong with this one!

A Gorgeous Black Dress

Now obviously, on our road to success, we have SO much of struggle to get through, with a little fun along the way. Going out somewhere fancy? Here’s a must for your wordrobe.

The One in Black.
(P.S- Black also helps in making you look slimmer)

Don’t forget to add a little tinge of fun to these beauties! A scarf or a pair of boots or heels or whatever YOU feel would flash your personality through these.

Brighten your day with The One in White.

They’re summery, refreshing and a absolute delight to the eyes!

“Jad HIGH HEELS te nache! Taa tu badi Jacche!”

A pair of Black Heels are a MUST! Wear em with your jeans, a skirt, traditional wear, gowns, leather jackets, pants etc etc. They work with everything! These heels play a very crucial role in every woman’s life. I know ya’ll agree with me here. A last moment party invite? Our heels come to rescue! (P.S.- Do remeber to get the kind of heels you are comfortable in. You don’t want to be trippin or falling.)

If you’re short, avoid the heels having an ankle strap. It’ll make your legs look thicker and shorter.

The Pencil Skirt

Flaunt your curves with a beautiful pencil-fit skirt. Going for a formal look? Just add a smart shirt. Going to a party or cocktails? Wear a Ganji or a crop-top. You’re allowed to experiment here! Here’s how you can wear your pencil skirt to make it look absolutely ravishing and perfectly appropriate for different occasions.

Savour The Blue!

With the coming of winters, we welcome the very Cool-Blue Denims with a BANG! This bright color is truly a treat to the eyes!

Funny how we thought “Denims with denims? What the hell man? Bhai saab aap pagal ho?”

Go Sporty!

Now ofcourse! We can’t be in heels all the time! We have have our mood swings right from wanting to look glamorously-feminine to a sporty-tomboy. For a switch to the Sporty-Gal look, a pair of sneakers or slip-ons should be on the list!

The Mini-Love

Okay guys! Brace yourselves! This summer is going to be record breaking! So to beat-the-heat, we have our very favorites, SHORTS! Oh yes! We LOVE wearing shorts! They’re comfortable, fun and look ravishing! What else can a girl wish for? (P.S.- They’re such air conditioners!)

And finally, the attitude. Be confident about yourself. Your confidence and your attitude are those charms which are going to take you places! See? That’s how easy it is! So Girls! These were a few of the MUST HAVEs on my list! Trust me, you can never go wrong with these and can be the style icons for everybody around you! You’re gonna look stunning and are definitely gonna be the ‘talk of the town’!


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