Sharpen Communication Skills in College

Communication skills will determine what kind of a person you are not only through college life, but for the rest of your life. Many a times, your communication skills are the reason why people have a particular image of you. Good communication skills help you get through interviews, get you a better job, get you great friends and make you popular. Good communication skills also help you in getting an image of a smart, intellectual and a well respected person amongst your colleagues and friends.

So here are a few reasons why one should definitely work on their communication skills during college itself–

Interviews – The maximum number of interviews that you would sit for would be around college time and it is important to have an impressive personality to nail most of them. Good communication skills make you sound confident and believable, and will help pave your way into that million dollar company.

Friend circle – Being popular among friends is a dream of almost all college going kids, but this dream favors those who have great communication skills. People who talk make a lot of friends and other people are fond of them because of their knack of story telling and friendly banter.

Opportunities – Opportunities are always waiting around the corner when a person is still in college. To make the most of this time or to just let the time fly by is a choice that most students need to make. Good communication skills will help you get noticed in college and that will automatically direct all the opportunities towards you. Internships and training will help you plan a future and competitions like debate and declamation will help you inculcate values of leadership and a good orator.

Getting through life – Life is much easier if you are able to talk your way through it. Making new friends where ever you go, creating a good impression on most of the people, swooping through the interviews and into that new company, everything can be done if only you know how to be impressive while talking. Managing becomes a cakewalk and you can often get people to agree with you.

Communication Skills

The basic problem, however, remains that the college students are clueless about how to improve their communication skills.

Read read read – Reading is a habit that will never let you down, it will make you sound like an expert, it will improve your vocabulary. Your language will be rich and exemplary and you will never feel lonely because you can always depend on books.

Talking – Talking to people around you in English will help you become fluent. Fluency comes only with increased usage and confidence. Don’t keep correcting yourself all the time, your grammar will become perfect once you get into the habit of talking in English and then my friend, be ready to sweep people off their feet.

Watch good movies – Watching good movies will help you in understanding the various talking styles, but I would urge you to always stick to your own style. You could take help from movies in improving your language, but while talking if you try and copy someone else, it will come out as rehearsed and will not sound very pleasant.

College going students are very conscious of how they look and how people perceive them. At this time, if they know how to talk impressively, half the job is done. They will make friends in a jiffy, they will be popular, and people will respect them for their command over the language and fluency. Teachers will also push them towards better opportunities and career goals will start moving closer.

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  1. College is the time for you to learn new things and earn the things you do not possess. In this series, the essential part is to develop the communication skills. Thanks to globalization, communication has been a major deciding factor to help you gain the dream job. For this, you must self-learn and work upon your mistakes. Analyze your performance every now and then. Participate in public speaking activities and surround yourself with constructive and positive people. This will help more than you can ever think.


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