Should India ban Internet pornography?

The question actually should be if it would make any difference? If banning porn sites will be of any help in making India a lot better than what it has become, or will it serve the purpose of not letting youngsters below a certain age watch porn? I believe we all know the answers to these questions. The problem is that every single problem in India is so deeply embedded in its culture and daily life that getting rid of it is almost impossible. Youngsters have various sources from which they can procure and watch porn, older people have enough resources to go and get what they want. Also, banning pornography will only lead people to think that sex is a bad thing which will make the current scenario, where a woman is raped every 20 minutes, even worse. And is that what we really want?

I believe, and this can become an issue of contention, that internet pornography should not be banned. There are various reasons for this-

1. Psyche – The psyche of the citizens of the country will take a hit if pornography gets banned. First of all it will come as another ban on the freedom of the people to do what they want to do in their personal lives, second it will come as a ban on something which is very much a part of the Indian culture and it will seem hypocritical to ban pornography when the government cannot stop unprotected sex, or ban brothels, or stop the underaged Indians from getting involved in sexual activities.

2. The youth – the outburst that will come from the youth would be because banning porn will as it as not have any effect on the young or the old, if one has to get porn from somewhere, they will get it in the form of an mms or cds or something that was going around before the idea of internet came to India. Also the more we forbid the youngsters, the more they will go after it, and this will make the whole deal a lot worse.

3. Current Scenario – Owing to the current scenario where a woman is raped every 20 minutes in our country, porn serves as a means to satisfy oneself without actually having to indulge in a sexual activity. Porn also proves that sex is nothing but a natural phenomena which a lot of people indulge in and makes it not a big deal but banning it will prove otherwise and will be followed by a huge outburst from the side of the people. Also, it will mean that the freedom of the people has been compromised.

4. Notion – More than anything, we need to change the notion that is attached to porn and its viewing, first of all it is not seen only by men, but by men and women equally. The purpose may differ, but this makes a person way more open to the idea of sex which will help India grow mentally and accept that sex is not a taboo and it also implicitly affects the sex life of the people for the better.

The idea of porn is not as wrong as the notion that the Indians have attached to it is. Making everything a taboo or a big deal will not help anyone because the act will be carried on behind closed doors and locked rooms. Indians need to accept that whether they like it or not, porn has penetrated the Indian culture and is here to stay. Call it westernization or whatever one cannot run from the fact that sex is common to all human beings beyond the racial or territorial boundaries and sooner or later, India will become a country to accept that it is the most natural physical act amongst human beings.


  1. Pornography is already a wide business in the west and is slowly emerging in the eastern areas as well. However, the porn stars are seen with lower dignity in the eastern surroundings. It seems to have become a habit for us to declare each and everything as a taboo irrespective of the logics behind. I feel, a constraint may be required over the age but complete ban is going to demean the social status of country on global level.


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