Should military training be made compulsory for the youth?

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment- Jim Rohn

Does getting military training only means that one is being trained to sacrifice himself/ herself, fighting at the border? Absolutely not! Yes, it is true that if one joins military, then there might come a time when one will be asked to stand firm and face the enemy (also their bullets), but just by undergoing military training, one does not become eligible to fight at the border. Just like the sun never forgets to show up in the morning and hide in the evening or like the trees, that never forget to breathe out oxygen so that mankind can survive, discipline is prevalent in the nature itself.

Remember that time (when we got the chance to live good school days) when our mothers used to get up early in the morning and prepare tea or milk and then wake us up, three four hours before the school actually started? Yes, that comes under discipline. Imagine what would have happened if our mothers did not get up on time! Goals can only be accomplished when the actions are disciplined. Those who consider discipline as a punishment, are barking up the wrong tree. Right from the infancy stage, we have been taught to behave well, respect each other, complete the tasks on time and live a proper life. All this is a part of military training as well. Military training is an ambiguous term which often confuses the audience that it merely refers to teaching of the usage of guns and other weapons. But instead, military training encompasses planned schedule and routine, behavioural management, temper management, fighting the fears, overall development- physically, mentally and socially and developing the ability to face all the problems. Therefore, every individual should undergo such a training which involves blood, sweat and tears.

The recent trend that has been adopted by most of the private colleges is that they have incorporated military training in their course curriculum. Since the youngsters dig in their heels and refuse to voluntarily opt for this training, they now have to undergo this training via their college, as a course. If we look beneath the facade, this is, indeed, a good plan of action. Not only are the students taught the essence of military training but they get to learn some essential qualities like time management, problem solving skills, team work, habit of rising early and sleeping early. Even the biological clock of our body is set according to the routine of the Nature. Military training makes us someone, who is on the ball to face all/ any situation in life. We learn to work with others, treat our team members respectfully, help selflessly and live a stress free life.

Military training contributes to a life in an ivory tower and thus, making us strong and bold. Abnormal routine (which includes staying up late, working for long hours, stressful life, lack of physical activity, etc) might sound interesting but sooner or later we will definitely realize that the chickens have come home to roost. So, yes, military training should be made compulsory for youth as it will definitely act as a boon in disguise!


  1. The life of military is a reflection of idealism. Our guards are a reason why we can sleep in peace at our respective homes. I think, military training must be necessary for all our young people. It can be seen as a pre-planning in the case of a terrorist attack, natural calamity and wherever necessary otherwise. Also, it will help them inherit a sense of discipline and patriotism in them.


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