Sickularism and its politics are dividing young India?

The Indian political strata has revolved around the secularism and the politics related to it to a greater extent. The religion and the regional differences have always been exploited by the politicians for their own good. To win the rat race to grab the power, the fight of being in the chair has never done a good to India, as a whole.


As the nation has already seen a decade and a half of the 21st century, at the moment, we are the only country with youngest population. If the 21st century will ever hit the pages of the history; it will certainly be called the age of technology! An era where the internet has been an integral part of the life of human being, technology has registered a wide outreach.

If we develop a link between the above two paragraphs, it will appear ridiculous to even discuss division of Indian youth based upon the religious background. But the bitter side of the truth is, even this age of technology is ruined by the involved set of politics and the ‘secularism’.

As the elections are already declared in the politically significant Bihar, the game to divide has started yet again. The point here is; has the politics of secularism actually divided our young people?

If I were to analyze and speak on this, I will say a clear no to it. We all were alive when the results of Lok Sabha 2014 were out and after 30 years of exile, a political party won a clear majority. In a country like India, where the diversity is huge and change is the only permanent; this could have never been possible without the unity. The verdict which came out of EVM on that day of poll results, has clearly depicted that the votes have been cast irrespective of the divisive politics. This is one side of the picture that appears quite good and have indicated to what young India wants! But we always have a second side of the coin. To terminate the bloom, this side is not as pleasing as the site of previous one.

Call it the fear if minority or the oppression of the class, this segregation had still been alive in the minds of few young generation people. This class of minds can be easily spotted in each and every religion. In fact, it is this ignorance of such people that is being utilized by the so-called secular forces. The expression that generates the fear and disrupts communal harmony and many such religions based riots has actually ignited an undercurrent. This hidden fire that is rooted in the minds of the core is silently paving a way for an unseen war.

It is now, for us, the Youth of India to ponder upon. Are we going to copy absorb or observe? Absorb what anti-nationals teach us or observe what our conscience allow! This is our own motherland; we are all Indian before being the son of any religion. It is for us to choose, what we are going to pass on to our coming generations. Do we want them to inherit a war state or carry on a peaceful land which will further lead the world? An environment which recognizes the ‘dharma’ of humanity first or still fight over the supreme power called god, which further has different meanings for different religions.
See. Scribble. Speak.


  1. If one word that has derailed Indian agenda of development, it is the idea of secularism. Secularism and the division in the name of religion and a fight between Hindu-Muslim, the nation has suffered. Communal riots, discrimination in development and minority reservation. Our politicians have made youngsters lose the faith in politics and ultimately have kept them away from the nation building policies. It is our duty to decide the best in interest of the nation.


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