Skill development is the need of the hour for government schools in India

At the cost of sounding judgemental, I would like to say that most of the children that attend government school in our country, are the ones who do not belong to affluent families. I may be wrong, but I am talking about the majority of them across the country. Actually, forget affluent families, most of them are not even from middle class families. They belong to the low income group and their parents are often struggling to provide them with the bare minimum. Owing to bad circumstances at home most of these kids either have to discontinue studying at an early age or lose interest in the same. And that is why they should be encouraged to develop a skill that would help them earn money and be able to provide for themselves and their families.

Skill development in Government schools

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Cons of the conventional education system

The conventional education system is based on the concept of marks and scores, which anyway doesn’t work for the kids from poor families. Unable to buy books and study because they have to work part time, these kids need something that will secure their future and ensure that they don’t starve for the rest of their lives. Also, the conventional system of education doesn’t explain how to deal with the world or how to be street smart. That is something that will come through skill development.

Their sheer genius goes to waste

Because these kids are unable to continue studying after a few years, their sheer genius which is capable of finding logic in almost everything goes to waste. If the kid is made to focus on one thing from the very beginning, he/she will know it through and through and will use their logical reasoning to overcome difficulties in the same. They will become veterans in their fields before they even grow old and this expertise will guarantee a good life for them.

Real life lessons

Through skill development, these kids will actually understand how to go through life and how to deal with situations at an early age which will make them strong. Over the years, the kids will master at least one skill which will ensure some sort of income for the rest of their lives. Developing skills can start from a basic level of sports, dance, art, beauty services, stitching, and crafts etc. There are several more fields that the kids can venture into and giving them first hand experience by taking them to people who do the same will help them grow.

Fulfillment of responsibility

The reason why government has opened so many schools is to guarantee a good future to all these kids, which is dependent on whether or not they’re able to provide for their family. Sometimes these kids are forced to work at the age of 15 and have to work really hard for the rest of their lives. In this situation, skill development is something that can help them find a path which is lesser difficult and will yield them a sure shot income. And while they’re at it, they can try and learn new things so that they can broaden their career options.

When we talk about the future of the country and the potential the youth has, we often forget that most of the youth of this country doesn’t have the resources to afford good education and be a part of the competition globally. We very conveniently forget our duty towards this part of the youth, which is brimming with talent but is left ignored only because of poor economic conditions. The best part however is that if they’re given a chance, they will beat almost anybody because all they’re waiting for is a chance.


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